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Blogger Awards


Green and Gifted: The Best

27th August 2020
Say hello to the bloggers who have just broken into the travel blogging scene. They may still be green, but they’re already making huge waves - and they’re destined for greatness, so make sure you keep your eye on them. After all, once they’re famous won’t it be great to say that you knew them when they were just starting out? Give it up for the best newcomers of 2020.
A Woman traveller enjoying in a beach

Blogging in the Era of the Coronavirus:

27th August 2020
We know what you’re thinking - boy, we sure are living in unprecedented times (if you haven’t come across that phrase more times than you can count in the past few months you must be living under a rock)! And with unprecedented times comes the need to adapt to them. By changing their content so that it meets the realities of life posed by the coronavirus, these bloggers have proven they’re more than capable of taking on a challenge and coming out the other side stronger. Without further ado, Teletext Holidays presents the most adaptive bloggers.
Couple Enjoying with drinks on a Beach


12th June 2019
Teletext Sponsors Blogger Award at the British Travel Awards
Prestigious British Travel Awards Blogger Award Nominees


24th May 2019
Travelling as a lesbian, bi, trans of gay couple can come with cultural challenges. Depending on your destination, you might need to read up on local laws and customs to see whether it’s safe for you to present as partners.
Young Asian lesbian couple running on beach


23rd May 2019
If you’re travelling for the thrill, you’re going to love the action and adrenaline on these adventure blogs! Not afraid to push their boundaries, these awesome adventure travel bloggers take the route less travelled in almost any destination.
young couple hiking the mountain on a sunny day