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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I find the best luxury hotels?

There are many, but hotels with an exceptional service, surroundings and facilities are few. We hand-pick great hotels that are best known for their incredible services so you can create a top-class beach or city break, for less. Head to our all inclusive page for luxury 5-star hotels in Algarve, Dubai, Dominican Republic and Cancun for a quality stay without spending big.

What makes a hotel Luxury?

There is a selection of characteristics that makes a hotel luxury. From a smooth check-in process that has minimal stress on guests, to excellent facilities, fine-dining restaurants, sophisticated interiors and first-class service. Many high-end hotels have in-house spa and fitness amenities, swimming pools and entertainment to ensure your stay is as serene as possible. We have a variety of hotels without high prices, thanks to our great-value deals on hotels, villas and bed and breakfast stays across Europe and beyond.

What is the difference between upscale and luxury hotels?

Upscale and luxury hotels are generally synonymous to each other; however, they do come with slight differences. This could be anything from the services, facilities and room categories to the number of restaurants, bars and ratings. To find out more detail about our hotels, check the star rating which is located at the top of each hotel page, plus you can browse available hotel facilities and amenities further down the page.

Can I book cheap luxury hotels?

Sometimes all you want is a magnificent hotel stay for less, that's why we've rounded up our very best hotels at super cheap prices, so you can start planning your next holiday today. We have a selection of 5-star hotels for affordable prices to both long-haul beach locations and short-haul city escapes, so you can stay in style without worrying about what you're spending. Better still, you'll have extra spending money for poolside cocktails or ice cream.

What are luxury boutique hotels?

Boutique hotels are generally small, arty and unique accommodations. They are mostly independent in character, but may be associated with a bigger brand across different destinations. Customers staying in a boutique hotel can generally expect 5-star service with a slightly more personalised feel.

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