Holiday Ideas in the Greek Islands

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Holiday Ideas
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in the Greek Islands

Holiday Ideas in the Greek Islands


Fewer destinations set the imagination alight like the Greek Islands, whether you were inspired by Shirley Valentine, Mamma Mia, or perhaps you’re older than Aristotle himself, the Greek Islands offer holidays for the senses that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Here you can find the most beautiful beaches, the most ancient of landmarks, the freshest and finest of Greek food and the most beautiful light and natural scenery in the world. There’s a reason those who love Greece return again and again, it’s tranquillity in a glass, it’s a holiday to remember and lord knows, we all need one of those! Nothing offers a better lockdown tonic than the thought of your upcoming holiday to the Greek Islands.

Travelling to the Greek Islands is even more rewarding with our January Sale with free transfers and upgrades available on several of our holiday deals.

Beautiful sunny coast view to the greek blue sea with crystal clear water beach with big tourist boat cruising around pier in Vathys Bay

Why? Just Be Kos

Let’s start with a Teletext favourite, the island of Kos. We call it “just be” Kos, not only because that’s very clever (!) but also as it’s the most laid back and easy going of all the islands where you can just be. It’s a destination for the beach lover, the all-inclusive holidaymaker who just wants to get away from it all and relax.

With its whitewashed villages, iconic windmills and epic nightlife, Kos is second only to Rhodes in popularity with Teletext customers. Closer to Turkey than Greece, the islanders here will not thank you for reminding them of that, they are staunchly and proudly Greek and the food and customs show that out. Holidays to Kos offer miles of golden sandy coastline, meaning the hardest decision you’ll need to make will be which beach to relax on!

Idyllic Paradise landscape of the resort town of Lindos on the island of Rhodes, Greece.

Rhodes? Where we’re going we don’t need Rhodes.

To be honest, you probably do need a car if you want to get around Rhodes, however, most resorts offer daytrips around the islands and buses into Rhodes town. Back to the Future references aside, Rhodes is the most famous island for history with the Acropolis and Old Towns two star sights in a Greek Islands tour. 

Rhodes is the capital of Greece’s Dodecanese islands and the capital of the Greek tourist industry, with more sun-seeking Shirley Valentines hot-footing it to Rhodes than any other Greek island. With never-ending miles of golden sandy beaches, an eclectic variety of lively hotels and magnificent gardens, it really is an escape from the stresses of modern lockdown life. 

We recommend the amazing 5* Eden Rock Hotel, available this summer from just £388 per person per week including flights, all inclusive.

The Old part in town of island Skiathos in Greece

Mamma Mia – It’s Skiathos

We can’t begin to guess how many people have visited Skiathos just because of the movie Mamma Mia but it must be thousands upon thousands. We can’t say we blame them. With some of the most memorable scenes from the movie filmed in Skiathos and Skopelos this is the ideal Greek Island for any Meryl Streep or Abba fan!

Here you can find white cliff carved arches, evocative monasteries on hilltops, white sandy beaches that look more Caribbean than Greek and some of the best fresh food in Greece. Skiathos is for the picture-perfect Instagram hunter. It is a treat for all the senses.

We recommend the 4 star Skiathos Palace Hotel, a stunning hotel located on the beach with gleaming pools and fabulous restaurants as a real treat from £509 per person per week including flight and half board this summer.

 Unsure where you want to go in the Greek Islands? Give the Teletextperts a call for a helping hand and a great deal this summer.

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