*Limited Availability: Prices are updated regularly, call us for the latest live price

*Limited Availability: Prices are updated regularly, call us for the latest live price

Mykonos is a must for everyone after a quality LGBT destination

“I've been to Mykonos for a couple of years running now since it oozes style, sophistication and is a spectacular destination for the best of party and chill time. I've booked through Teletext Holidays and I'm really impressed at their suggestions and line up of top LGBT resorts available. Thanks!"

Nick United Kingdom

*Limited Availability: Prices are updated regularly, call us for the latest live price

Frequently Asked Questions

I want winter sunshine, where should I go?

For that perfect winter break with plenty of sunshine, you should consider jetting off to destinations such as Thailand, Mexico or Miami.

Where are the best destinations for nightlife?

If you are looking for an amazing nightlife then you really do have a lot of options. Cities such as Barcelona or Amsterdam have amazing gay clubs and bars while sunshine destinations such as Miami, Crete or Gran Canaria will certainly give you the chance to party until the early hours!

When To Book LGBT Holidays Deals?

Regardless of your budget or your holiday needs, you can find the perfect LGBT holidays right here. We bring you the hottest offers on gay package deals and give you the chance to bag a bargain. From winter sun or summer sun to the perfect gay city break, we have you covered and what's more, you will never pay sky-high prices. So, take a peek at our sensational deals and make amazing savings on your next holiday because we are always offering huge discounts no matter what time of year you decide to book!

Can I save money on my next LGBT holiday?

We promise each and every customer that we can save them money and that is why our prices are so low. So whether you want to jet off to Mexico or visit Ibiza for a long weekend, you can be sure that you will make savings!

Are there any destinations that could be unsafe for gay couples?

Of course, every country has its own set of laws and it is always worth looking into those laws before you travel but there is no specific list of destinations where same-sex are illegal. Therefore, it is recommended that you do your research before you jet off!

What are the top LGBT-friendly destinations?

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