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If you're looking for wonderfully warm weather and less crowded resorts, why not browse the best beach and city breaks for October holidays? It's not too early to start your search for winter sunshine, and if you're wondering where is hot in October, we've got a variety of toasty short haul destinations including Turkey, Malta and Cyprus, plus beautiful long haul escapes with Boa Vista and Marrakech - where tropical temperatures are guaranteed!  

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Thermometer says: You will enjoy temperatures of about 21°C accompanied by bright, golden sunshine and turquoise seas.

marmaris beach turkey

Marmaris is the perfect place for a beach break in October, as the weather is still warm yet the town won’t be as busy as in peak summer months, making your stay both cheaper and more relaxing. One of the best ways to enjoy the beach scene in Marmaris is to head out on a boat trip to Dalyan, and stop at Turtle Beach. With long stretches of golden sand (which has been left almost completely unspoilt), Turtle Beach is a perfect spot to stretch your legs and soak up the winter sun rays. It's also worth visiting Cleopatra Island, where soft, warm sands are lapped by crystal-clear waters - plus there are a handful of ancient ruins to explore. In the evening, head for Bar Street and the popular harbour, where you’ll find lively entertainment in the buzzing clubs and bars.

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Thermometer says: October is the perfect time to visit the Algarve, with less crowded beaches and yet the weather is still spot on averaging at 23°C.

algarve beach portugal

The Algarve is a region of hidden delights, with golden beaches framed by beautiful limestone rocks, traditional fishing towns with candy-coloured houses and simple restaurants that will pull you back time and time again. Praia de Marinha is a perfect spot to enjoy the Algarve’s idyllic weather and crystal clear waters. The limestone cliffs frame the beach, creating small caves and tunnels both on the white sand and in the still water, offering a spectacular effect unique to Portugal. The Algarve has an abundance of individually beautiful beaches to choose from and no matter where you're staying there is sure to be a relaxing beach nearby. The stunning blue water isn’t just for splashing in,  head off for deep-sea fishing trips, learn how to surf and perfect your water-skiing skills, or why not hop on an exhilarating banana boat ride? Alternatively, venture out on a wild-life watching trip and spot sea turtles, porpoises and a variety of sea birds in their natural habitats.

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Thermometer says: With average temperatures in October staying at about 27°C, it is the perfect time to explore this magical city without breaking too much of a sweat.

marrakech morrocco market

As summer draws to a close in the UK, Marrakech is an ideal destination to chase a little late sunshine. An excellent place to start is to get wonderfully lost in the souks of this enchanting city. The winding maze of stalls displaying babouche slippers, spices, kaftans, jewellery and, of course, souvenirs are definitely worth a browse, before unwinding at Le Comptoir bar, where sparkling (and skillful) dancers balancing trays of lit candles parade around when the clock strikes 12. Equally, the topsy-turvy square of Djemaa el-Fna is brimming with acrobats, snake charmers and belly dancers - but if you're seeking sophistication - Marrakech is full of refreshing hammams, so you can get your pampering fix too.



Thermometer says: The average temperature of Gozo in October is 21°C, which is handy if you plan on trying some of the several varieties of watersports on offer around the island.

gozo malta comino island

The charming island of Gozo is a slightly calmer version of Malta's resorts that offers stunning beaches and engrossing culture. Out of all the beaches in Gozo, Ir-Ramla il-Hamra stands out as the longest and sandiest with fine, reddish sand. It's a popular spot for sun worshippers who can bronze on the soft sands and then take a dip in the azure waters - the Blue Hole is one of Gozo’s favoured diving and snorkelling spots. This is one of the most scenic parts of the coast, so get your camera handy for this one! But if darting in and out of the ocean sounds a little active to you, then head interiors to experience the local lifestyle in Gozo, which is cheap and enjoyable with plenty of delicious cuisine to experiment with.



Thermometer says: You're sure to pick up a tan in Cyprus, with average temperatures reaching 22°C, it's the perfect place to relax on the beach or explore the lively town by night.

aiya napa beach cyprus

Well known for its beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife, Ayia Napa is the perfect place to soak up some real sunshine this October. Despite being Cyprus' most popular party town, you'll find plenty more than just sun, sea and tequila here with an abundance of hidden gems to discover. Makronissos Beach is exceptionally stunning and remains relatively peaceful, as are the resort's Sea Caves. The panoramic views over the sea are amazing, so be sure to take your camera for fantastic photo opportunities.


Thermometer says: The temperature in October tends to be around 27°C

boa vista beach algarve portugal

Boa Vista has everything you could wish for in a beach break, and then a little more on top. When you're not lazing on the colossal 55km stretch of coastline that surrounds Cape Verde's most easterly island, you can explore the exotic resort on an island cruise, discover the Viana Desert, hike the lush valleys of Sao Nicolau or hop to and from the idyllic neighbouring islands for a day. Indulge in delicious Cape Verdean cuisine and sample the favourite seafood dish Bife de atum (tuna marinated in spices and vinegar) and look forward to laid-back evenings on the Sal Rei waterfront.


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