The Best New Travel Bloggers of 2020

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Green and Gifted: The Best
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New Travel Bloggers of 2020

Green and Gifted: The Best New Travel Bloggers of 2020


Say hello to the bloggers who have just broken into the travel blogging scene. They may still be green, but they’re already making huge waves - and they’re destined for greatness, so make sure you keep your eye on them. After all, once they’re famous won’t it be great to say that you knew them when they were just starting out? Give it up for the best newcomers of 2020.

The winner, voted for by our expert panel, will be nominated to run for the British Travel Awards’ Best Blogger Award, sponsored by Teletext Holidays. 

Forever Roaming the World 

Blogger Name: Amit Sharma

Blog URL:

Amit Sharma-Forever Roaming the World

Why Should I Win?

Forever Roaming the World was launched in 2017, however it was rebranded and relaunched in 2020 as a much more defined website aimed towards first time solo and budget backpackers looking to travel long term. For this reason I’d like to put it up for the Best Newcomer award.  

Forever Roaming the World deserves this award because it is different. It provides an alternative view and perspective on everyday backpacking life away from itineraries and guides. It highlights backpacking realities and a ground-level view on backpacking life. It also provides hope to people who may otherwise think they can’t afford to travel. It, like many solo travellers, goes against the grain of ‘normal’ travel blogs. However, in such a saturated market websites like this can be drowned out, so it deserves this award to get that extra recognition. 

My Proudest Achievement Over the Past Year

Although this has been a tough year travel-wise, the proudest accomplishment so far has been the way the relaunch has gone. Through these tough times and with hard work, Forever Roaming the World is getting recognised as an authoritative and go-to website for solo and budget travel. From January 2020 to July 2020, compared to the same period last year, unique sessions have risen by over 300% and unique page views have risen over 400%.




Blogger Names: Tom and Aileen

Blog URL:

Tom and Aileen-OntheWay.Scot

Why Should We Win?

Our blog doesn’t grab the headlines with catchy titles like ‘Top 10 Destinations’ or ‘Top 8 (why top 8?) Mistakes Travellers Make’. Yes, these blogs can be informative but do they have personality?

We believe we have created a positive image for over 50’s. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but do try to be informative, inspirational and genuine. We travel in a campervan with Sam, our dog, but also hike, backpack and bikepack, as well as take the odd cruise. We love keeping fit, especially cycling.

We are still trying to catch up with a backlog of blogs to reflect all this. We went to Croatia backpacking but still haven't blogged about it yet.

We are also grandparents and Tom has just retired after 38 years as a mental health nurse.

OntheWay.Scot was launched about 18 months ago. Our blog is an organic creation. We only started blogging as a way of keeping a record of all the things we do. Many a night we would be sitting around and trying to recall an event but couldn't remember the details. Our blogs have solved all that. Some earlier blogs are poor quality but it hasn’t stopped our traffic increasing.

With so many different interests, our niche isn’t always clear to see but we believe we should be considered for the Best Newcomer award. 

Our Proudest Achievement Over the Past Year

Our proudest achievement has to be that simple turning point of going from a personal blog that doesn’t get noticed to a blog that gives us personal enjoyment and is now visited by over 700 people a month from around the world. 


Cazbarr Bites Back

Blogger Name: Caroline Bathurst

Blog URL:

Caroline Bathurst-Cazbarr Bites Back

Why Should I Win?

I started blogging around 18 months ago to bring awareness to the struggles and injustice disabled people face on a daily basis. I also love sharing my experiences when travelling abroad. I have been very fortunate to have been to several countries, done two cruises and fly to Las Vegas for a rock concert.

Blogging for me is an outlet of my frustration. I deal with injustice practically on a daily basis and a lot of the time there's absolutely nothing one can do about it. While blogging, I hope to show other disabled people that they are not alone in their daily struggles and although my blogs are primarily aimed at disabled people, I hope by showing our struggles, able-bodied people, businesses and social attitudes change for the better!

My Proudest Achievements Over the Past Year

Winning my compensation claim without legal help. My batteries on my electric wheelchair leaked causing £4000 worth of damage to the flooring around my home. It took 13 months of researching batteries/battery companies, a repair company disposing of the original faulty batteries and proving the repair company exchanged a 2nd set of leaking batteries with new batteries before an investigation could take place.

It was a relief when I was made an offer to have a resolution to this horrid situation. The law and legal help didn't cover my claim, therefore failing me at every turn. I am now looking into how to get laws changed/amended to better protect disabled people who may find themselves in a similar situation.

My trip to Las Vegas was another of my recent achievements as this was my first time flying as a wheelchair user!


The Wanderlust Within

Blogger Name: Roshni Patel

Blog URL:

Roshni Patel-The Wanderlust Within

Why Should I Win?

Whilst working for an investment bank I started my Instagram page merely as a way to share the thousands of photos I'd amassed on my travels. I was an expert at squeezing the most out of my annual leave but secretly spent my work days filling in my "hol spreadsheet". I documented the trips I'd been on and where I wanted to go, sometimes creating full itineraries. Fast forward a few years and my social media presence has grown to 40k on Instagram, 10k on Facebook, and 1.8m monthly views on Pinterest. I've been lucky to work on paid campaigns for France tourism, Visit England, Germany tourism, Adobe and Leica to name a few. 

My engaged audience gave me the confidence to finally leave finance and give myself the freedom to say yes to everything that came my way from a wingwalking campaign to sailing through the Arctic!

Before lockdown I only posted to my blog occasionally but with thwarted 2020 travel plans I decided to change that and have published 30 blog posts. In that time my monthly page views have grown from 2k to 100k, and my Pinterest traffic has increased over 1000%, leading me to be featured by Pinterest!

My Proudest Achievements Over the Past Year

I am proud I’ve been able to grow my traffic and create a passive income in such a short time. I feel I should win because my progress shows that it's possible to grow your blog even in these uncertain times if you put the hard work in, use your transferable skills (I'm a queen at negotiating :) ) and have a true passion for your niche.


The Travel Scribes

Blogger Names: James and Lee Scrivener

Blog URL:

James and Lee Scrivener-The Travel Scribes

Why Should We Win?

In April 2019, The Travel Scribes – a website dedicated to travelling, writing and social media – was born. The blog was the brainchild of married couple James and Lee Scrivener; these two writers and marketers wanted a place to document their spirit for wanderlust, passion for the written word and burgeoning Instagram profile. Instead, The Travel Scribes became one of the fastest growing websites in the travel world. 

Our Proudest Achievements Over the Past Year

Within just 7 months of blogging (Nov 2019) the website had reached over 250,000 sessions per month and over 211,000 unique visitors to the site, nearly all driven by organic Google search traffic (89%). Even amidst a downturn in travel-related web traffic, the site boasted over 1 million visitors by January 2020, and a domain authority of 34; an almost unheard of feat for a ‘baby’ blog launched just 9 months prior.

More than just the eye wateringly high traffic numbers, the website became an authority for industry pundits – leading brands like MAPS.ME and Bookaway became permanent partners, while the writers boasted collaborations with travel companies like Como, Cordis and leading tourism authorities in Oceania and Southeast Asia.

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