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Teletext Treasure Hunt Winners Have Finally Been Announced!


The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here: the winners of the Teletext Treasure Hunt have been announced!

The rules of this competition were simple. Talented travel writers from across the UK, the USA and Canada were invited to submit photography and descriptions of the most incredible hidden gems they’ve encountered on their travels around the globe. Once all of the entries were received, we separated them into six unique categories (Adventure & Activities, Art & Culture, Food & Drink, Live Like a Local, Nightlife and Parks & Nature), then posted them on our website and allowed you to vote for the hidden gems that spoke to your imagination.

And what will the winner in each category win? A trip to the Caribbean sponsored by Teletext Holidays!

Without further ado, here are the six lucky winners of the Teletext Treasure Hunt competition.

Adventure & Activities: Heather, the Conversant Traveller

Heather submitted a beautiful photo of her boat trip to the Bay of Needles in the Gulf of Guinea, causing 68% of voters in the Adventure and Activities category to vote for her. And it’s no surprise she won - her description of speeding through the turquoise waters is enough to feel as though you’re there.

Heather runs the Conversant Traveller, a luxury adventure travel blog, with her husband Peter

Congratulations, both!


Art & Culture: Samantha, Yoko Meshi

Samantha, who runs a travel blog called Yoko Meshi, submitted a breathtaking photo of Vietnamese women working from their traditional wooden boats. It’s no surprise that 25% of voters in the Art & Culture category chose her to be the winner - just take a look at the photo below and you’ll see why for yourself!

Congratulations, Samantha!


Food & Drink: Snita, Her Favourite Food & Travel

Snita runs Her Favourite Food & Travel, a foodie blog designed to help her readers dine out in style in London as she travels the world. She submitted a photo of Lorraine’s Magic Hill, a family-run restaurant located in Kefalonia, Greece that serves authentic cuisine and beautiful views. Snita’s gorgeous photo as well as her engaging story of Lorraine, the friendly proprietor, won 90% of the voters in this category over, making her the Food & Drink winner.

Congratulations, Snita!


Live Like a Local: Susanna, A Modern Mother

Susanna submitted a photo of the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding in Dubai, getting her 54% of the total votes in the Live Like a Local category. She told of the time she had a traditional meal there and had the opportunity to listen to a local talk about the area’s customs - a truly unforgettable experience!

Susanna operates the famous family travel blog A Modern Mother.

Congratulations, Susanna!


Nightlife: Phil and Garth,

Phil and Garth, an adventurous couple who run a travel blog of the same name, were in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when they discovered what they described as the fabulously kitsch Wreck Bar. This themed tiki bar features mermaid shows and delicious food and drink. Its original setting completely won them over, along with 78% of people who voted in the Nightlife category.

Congratulations, Phil and Garth!


Parks & Nature: Karen, Mini Travellers

Karen, who runs the family travel blog Mini Travellers, visited Porth Ceiriad, Wales with her husband and three little girls - and enjoyed it so much she decided to submit it to our Parks & Nature category. It turns out she wasn’t the only one who loved this beautiful hidden Welsh gem… 29% of all voters in this category did as well!

Congratulations, Karen!


And They’re Off!

We’d like to extend an enormous thank you to everyone who submitted an entry to any of our six categories. As for the winners… it looks like you’re going to the Caribbean this year! We can’t wait to see the photos you take and the blog posts you write about this amazing experience.

If you’re looking to take a holiday to the Caribbean (or somewhere else in the world!) this year, get in touch with the experts at Teletext Holidays - we can help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

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Teletext Treasure Hunt Winners Have Finally Been Announced
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