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For those that have been left on the edge of their seats since the original Teletext Does Morocco: An Insider's Guide entry, you're in luck, as the wait is finally over. It's time to discover what happened next during Ricky's travels to Morocco...


Girl riding a camel in Morocco with blue sky and sand dunes.

The first activity was a hike along the paths and hills surrounding the hotel, which included coming across a herd of mountain goats – one of which was sitting in a three foot high bush – several wild boars traps and a plant very closely related to saffron.

We got back to the hotel and freshened up, whilst we waited for some 4x4’s to come and pick us up, as apparently the coaches we had been using we too big for our next trip. About 15 minutes later, it was decided that the coaches were actually fine to use and we got on, excited about the next activity – a trip high up into the mountains to visit the Berber inhabitants in a small community called Anounichou. 

Whilst we made our way higher and higher into the mountains, it slowly dawned on us that the roads were getting narrower and narrower, the drop was getting steeper and steeper, and the coach was seemingly getting bigger and bigger. After around 30 minutes of driving, a nervous energy filled the coach. This was a hair raising drive of epic proportions, but we eventually made it to our destination, and we poured out of the coach with glee.

The small community of Anounichou was an example of what international aid and local investment can do to help the poorest of local inhabitants. Before this investment, the community had mere shacks in which to educate their children and no road access to the local towns, plus no running water or electricity. However with help from the government of Japan and the owner of the Widiane Resort, the community now has several permanent education buildings, running water and electricity. The locals treated us to some locally made bread and honey, and some of the clean drinking water they now have access to, as well as cup after cup of sweet Moroccan tea.

After a quick tour around the village, we said our goodbyes and enjoyed lunch in the Widiane villa retreat, again a totally spate building close to the village we visited. We were served the local delicacy - chicken & lamb tagine cooked over an open fire for several hours.

Afterwards, we headed to the beautiful Ouzoud waterfall area, where we were able to take photos of the waterfall, as well as a walk around the countless stalls and shops that seem to go on forever as you walk down and up the winding cliff side trek. A particular highlight was having a local monkey jump on my head as I gave it some food! This area is a favorite spot for Moroccans to come for a romantic experience, as it is possible to get a gondola and go right up close to the waterfalls, however as we had all got drenched the day before, we thought this was an experience we could enjoy more from the dry land. It was a great opportunity to take some photos and buy any locally made produce from the numerous local shop owners.


Ouzoud Falls with trees and mountain in Morocco.

That evening, we returned to the hotel extremely tired, the weekend had been an unforgettable experience and with a 6am departure to the airport the next day, it was a quick bite to eat before our final night at the Widiane. 

All in all, it was an absolutely fantastic trip, and I am extremely grateful to the Moroccan Tourism Board for inviting me to experience it for myself. Morocco holidays are very popular with the Teletext Holidays customer and the Widiane Resort & Spa is a 5* option that may prove popular in 2019. Watch this space as we get this property ready to be featured on our site ready this 2019!

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Heritage site in Morocco, surrounded by high walls and reinforced with corner towers with trees.
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