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In such uncertain times, the best we can do is take things day by day. With quarantines being enforced worldwide, the reality of the coronavirus outbreak has set in and the mental health of many may be taking a toll. Luckily, there are lots of good news stories out there to help us combat these negative feelings.

From the United States to Italy, positive news stories are coming to light, making us feel warm and comforted. Here are some of the ones we love the most - why not pick your favourite and share it on social media to spread the good news?

Positive News Stories Around the World

Throughout the world, quarantine has been mandated to keep people safe from COVID-19. It’s important for our health and the health of others that we stay at home. Being in one place for days on end can build anxiety, but thanks to Google Arts and Culture, being stuck at home doesn’t mean we have to look at the same familiar walls until the self-isolation rule is lifted. 

Google has partnered with thousands of museums from around the globe to bring the Google Street View feature inside. Now you can spend time immersing yourself in cultures from around the world from the comfort of your own flat. Perhaps you’ll spend time perusing famous paintings by van Gogh, or take a trip across the pond to the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The best part is that you can visit as many museums as you’d like, so you can take your time with each and every work of art. 


A few of our frozen friends spent a day exploring the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois. In the video below you’ll meet Wellington, a rockhopper penguin, as he greets other residents around the aquarium for the first time. He and his penguin pals were able to spend a day exploring the place they live for the very first time - with the supervision of their caretakers, of course. 

Since the coronavirus pandemic forced the Shedd Aquarium to close, animals who live there aren’t getting the enrichment they usually experience when the building is frequented by animal enthusiasts. Caretakers have gotten creative to provide the animals the same level of interaction they’re used to. With playtime, problem solving activities and open exhibits for the penguins, the temporary closure of the aquarium doesn’t mean the end of fun for anyone. 



A little closer to home, in the canals of Venice, dolphins and fish can be seen swimming for the first time in a long time. With everyone staying home and a significant decrease in tourism in the city, the sediment in the canals that is typically shaken up due to a high volume of boating traffic has had the opportunity to remain settled, leaving the water stunningly clear. 

The floor of these canals haven’t seen the light of day in quite a while. It’s a miraculous thing to not only be able to truly appreciate the elegance of these waters, but to see life thrive within them. Nature really does have a beautiful habit of mending itself. 


Since the pandemic began, Italy has been one of the most heavily impacted countries. Italians, out of an urgent need to spark joy in such tumultuous times, have turned to their balconies to cultivate a cheerful sense of community from safe distances. Balcony concerts are bringing music to the streets and allowing those who are self-isolating to feel a little less alone. 


Perhaps the most charming bit of news to come from the quarantine mandate so far is from Argentina. The mother of a seven-year-old boy, Joaquin, who lost his first tooth tweeted the president inquiring if the tooth fairy was exempt from the quarantine. Not surprisingly, the tooth fairy is able to bravely and safely keep working despite the spread of the coronavirus. 


A beacon of hope shines over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as the famous Christ the Redeemer statue has been lit up with the flags of countries battling the coronavirus. This statue represents a monument of hope to people throughout the world. The hashtag ‘praytogether’ has been projected on the statue in multiple languages, reminding the globe that this is a time to come together and have faith that things will get better. 



With the spread of the coronavirus outbreak comes the spread of fear. In an attempt to combat this, Canadians started a 'caremongering' campaign to detract from the scaremongering caused by the pandemic. What is ‘caremongering’? Spreading kindness and care just as quickly as a virus spreads! Examples of this could include sending care packages to those in need or providing a meal to a family with children home from school.

Social media is being used to connect people who wish to benefit from ‘caremongering’, either as someone who wants to help or as someone in need of assistance. This is an especially valuable tool, not only because spreading cheer is desperately needed right now but also because it helps those who are at a high risk of contracting the virus - like healthcare workers - get the resources they need to stay safe.

Story Time: What kind of ‘caremongering’ have you seen in your community? Leave a comment and share your story! The world is in need of positive news, so we would especially love to hear what’s making you feel good these days. 


For other bits of good news, browse our blog posts and maybe plan a fun-filled staycation. It’s important to stay calm while reducing the risk of infection, and creating a relaxing environment in your home is a great way to boost your mental health. So light your favorite scented candle, sip some tea and keep your eyes out for more positive news from around the world.

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