Get Reacquainted with Tenerife in 2021

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Get Reacquainted with
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Tenerife in 2021

Get Reacquainted with Tenerife in 2021


In 2019, nearly 6 million tourists from all over the world flocked to Tenerife, the biggest and most visited Canary Island. Of these, the majority were Brits in search of sun, sea, sand and family attractions, plus a bit of lively nightlife! 

These numbers obviously dipped massively in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic meant that tourism all but stopped, but with 2021 looking like a return close to normality is possible, the islands are sure to soon once again welcome millions of tourists to its shores. 

So with it being well over a year since anyone was able to visit now is the perfect time for us to reacquaint ourselves with holidays to Tenerife and remind ourselves just why it one of the most popular holiday hotspots in the world. 

Sensational Coastlines 

Tenerife Beach

Whilst if asked, many of us will say on holiday we like to visit interesting sites or take in the local culture and customs, the reality is that most of us are just looking forward to sitting along the coast tanning ourselves under the blistering sun! Tenerife ticks this box, with many of the 10 blue flag beaches actually getting a bit of manmade help to make them even more appealing to tourists. The beaches in Costa Adeje had white sand added to it from the seabed, whilst those in Playa de las Teresitas took a delivery of sand from the Sahara desert in Africa to make them even more golden.  If you like your beaches a little bit different then head to Playa de la Arena where volcanic activity has eft the sand uniquely black! 

Family Resorts 

Playa de las Americas hotel

Taking the whole family on holiday to somewhere that doesn’t really cater for everyone often leaves the parents even more run down and tired than if they were to stay at home for two weeks, so finding somewhere with resorts that are family friendly is a must for many holidaymakers. This in part explains Tenerife’s appeal, as it really does cater for the whole family, and it is not just a tired cliché. Playa de las Americas will keep the whole family entertained thanks to its size and range of facilities, such as the huge Siam Park waterpark, which as the name suggests, for some reason is based on Thailand! You then have the old capital city, Santa Cruz and there is also Teide National Park where you can enjoy walks and lots of wildlife. Plus, the large all inclusive hotels all have their own entertainment such as pools and kids clubs so make sure you book Tenerife hotels that cater for your particular requirements. If you need any hints, the hotels in Los Cristianos are sure to fit the bill. 

Year-Round Sunshine 

Los Cristianos beach

Whilst the mainland of Span, Turkey and Greece can claim to attract more tourists, they tend to do so in peak summer months when the weather guarantees nonstop sunshine. The benefit that the Canary Islands have is that they offer year-round sun which means nearly as many people flock to the islands in December as they do in June or July! Even in our winter the temperatures in Tenerife rarely dips below 20 degrees, making it a firm favourite for winter sun holidays. What’s be better than coming home after a holiday in January with a stunning tan?!

Tenerife holidays really need no introduction to those who have been fortunate to visit this wonderful island. With holidays set to resume this summer, make sure you have Tenerife right at the top of your bucket list if you want year round sun, stunning beaches and fantastic family attractions.

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Beach Playa de la Vistas in Tenerife, Spain
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