Five reasons it’s time to book that holiday!

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Five reasons
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it’s time to book that holiday!

Five reasons it’s time to book that holiday!


If EVER this nation needed a holiday, it’s now! With the virus that shall not be named depriving most of us of our annual summer holiday just the very thought of booking one for summer 2021, when this virus should be behind us, is really something to look forward too. With our free amendment policy you can book that Summer 2021 holiday and should, heaven forbid, we still be living with Covid-19 in summer next year, you can move your holiday to later in the year.

So, we’re going to take a tongue in cheek look at five reasons it’s time for YOU to book that holiday and take a slice of virtual vitamin C!


Pot Noodles and Frozen Chips are your idea of nouvelle cuisine

It’s easy to get in a rut. What with work, the kids, the weather and the virus that shall not be named. It can be hard to make time to cook up a healthy meal for you and the family. But on an all-inclusive holiday, not only do you not have to lift a finger, you’re likely to be able to choose from several on-site restaurants offering healthy and delicious Greek or Mediterranean food. The free drinks are just an added bonus.


You feel like quitting!

With all the added stress flying around at the moment it can be very tempting to tell your boss just where to shove it! However, we recommend before doing that, you take some of that holiday time that has been accruing and take a week off in the sun. Everything always looks better after some time on the beach and a good night’s (or seven) sleep.

Take your mind off the spreadsheets with some scuba diving in Hurghada, or a round of golf in Malaga or just relaxing on long sandy beaches in the Algarve. That way, you still have a job to come back too, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. You could even bring your boss back a souvenir!

You can’t entertain your kids with the Ipad anymore

There’s been a lot of time at home with the kids recently. While it was warm and sunny out and we weren’t confined to our homes it was simple, the kids could play outside. But now it’s cold. They’re back in the house. There’s only so much Peppa Pig anyone can take. #nomoremuddypuddles

All Inclusive holidays don’t just come with fab food and drink and maybe a golf course and scuba excursion, they also have kids clubs! Let the professionals take over for a while, you can certainly say that this year, you’ve earned it!


You’re re-evaluating what’s important in life

Thanks to the virus that shall not be named, we’re all thinking about what matters in life. People are swapping careers, they’re shortening commutes and they’re thinking about moments, the moment’s that make a life, the ones you will look back on in your retirement years with gooey squishy feelings. 

Booking a holiday for the family is rarely something you regret (except that one time!). Holidays are where great memories are made. Quality time, exploring the world, with your family or beau are priceless experiences made memory. You can take that to the bank. The memory bank, obviously.


Give yourself something to look forward too

Having a holiday to look forward too just makes us happy. Knowing each day you’re a sleep closer to your happy place releases endorphins. Whatever life throws at you, if you can say, “who cares, I’m off on holiday next week” well. That can’t be beat. We think we ALL need something to look forward to right now. A summer 2021 holiday is just the ticket.


If you know you’re looking for a beach holiday at a great price but you’re unsure of where to go then call the Teletextperts and we’ll find you a great deal to talk about!

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