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Stay at Home



29th April 2020
In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, it sometimes seems like global news outlets and social media just bring us endless doom and gloom. And we don’t want to shoot the messenger because we really do need to know what’s going on, even when it’s bad.
Panorama of Coronado old pier reflecting on in San Diego Bay from Coronado Island, California

10 Tips for Surviving - and Maybe

27th April 2020
As everyone keeps saying, these are unprecedented times. We are in the middle of lockdown across the UK and many families have been stuck at home together now for the same length of time as the summer holidays.
A Mother playing with her son in a clothes tub


27th April 2020
It’s a well-worn joke already, but there’s some truth in saying that now is probably the best time to be confined to our homes, as we’ve moved past the era of boxset binging to one in which the wonder of streaming leaves almost everything at our fingertips whenever we want it.
A Teen Girl watching Tv Shows during Quarantine time

How to

27th April 2020
For many people, the current world situation is the first time they’ve been faced with the necessity of working from home. Whether you’ve wanted to be able to do this for a while but your company wouldn’t let you or you never wanted to in the first place, the new reality will take some getting used to.
A Woman working from home

Stay Afloat as a Travel Blogger

26th April 2020
Financially speaking, right now is a scary time to be a travel blogger. Your traffic is tanking, all your press trips have been cancelled and your affiliate marketing partners are suspending their programmes until further notice.
A woman cooking with her laptop