5 Tips for Fun Indoor Activities with Kids

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5 Tips for Fun Indoor
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Activities with Kids

5 Tips for Fun Indoor Activities with Kids


Over the last few months in lockdown we have quickly had to learn ways to keep our children entertained, especially with the volatile British weather. It’s a little easier in the sunshine but when the rain arrives, my partner and I have to get a little more creative indoors! 

Get Creative

Indoor activities for children don't need to be expensive or extravagant. You can easily use household objects to come up with fun ways to keep the kids entertained and we have been doing just that.  


Baking is always a fun indoor activity with children and we have been getting busy with new recipes both sweet and savoury. We've found that not only does it keep the children occupied but it helps to teach them basic kitchen skills, improve their knowledge of nutrition and the cooking process, and also doubles up as a maths lesson discussing weight, volume and time! 



One of the things we miss the most during lockdown is heading out for a picnic with the kids and so indoor picnics have become something we can enjoy as a family regardless of the weather outside. We throw down a picnic blanket in the lounge, lay down lots of different plates with picnic favourites - sandwiches, sausage rolls, fruit and cheese - and take it in turns to choose our imaginary setting, be that on a warm sunny beach, a meadow by the river, or our favourite park.


We've found crafts are a great indoor activity and thanks to the internet there are a whole host of resources at the tip of your fingertips. We've been taking part in daily craft activities and YouTube tutorials, and have been enjoying crafting projects from school. From drawing and rock painting to origami and junk modelling, the limits are endless when it comes to crafts and you don't need expensive resources. There is so much you can do with a cardboard box and an empty washing up bottle! 



Making a den is always the perfect indoor activity and one our children enjoy every time.  We simply use blankets and pillows - even the cushions from the couch - and piece together a canopy or a den beneath the dining table, and the children love it! We've found creating a den gives them a place to sit and read, to do their maths activities on their iPads, or to simply use their imaginations as a place to play!


We are missing being able to go to the cinema and so a fun activity to share together is a movie night as a family. We take it in turns to choose a film, pick popcorn or sweets or our favourite cinema snack, get all the cushions and blankets and snuggle up to enjoy a movie. Sometimes on a weekend, as a special treat, we stay up a little later, close the curtains and dim the lights and use our projector on the living room wall. 


What's your favourite indoor activity to do with the kids?

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