15 Hacks for a Cheaper Holiday

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15 Hacks for a Cheaper Holiday

Everyone loves a great-value getaway, whether it's short haul city breaks in the sun or long haul luxury that you're looking for. We've handpicked the top 15 hacks for a cheaper holiday so you can get the best out of your break, wherever you go. Take a look at our handy travel tips below and pick up some pocket-friendly pointers, from packing your bags, reducing your roaming charges, deciding on destinations and choosing the cheapest time to travel! 

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Whether it's free wlaking tours around the city, a guided tour around local sights or beahc hopping with locals, you can find a wealth or free tours in most holiday destinations. Sandemans offers free walking tours in 18 cities around the world, while Freetours offer free and budget tours with local guides around the world. 

Don’t worry, be ‘appy 

Your smart phone can be your money-saving travel mateDownload our new Teletext Holidays app for amazing cheap breaks, travel guides and maps right in the palm of your hand. Other cracking apps include Park on my Drive, which allows you to book a parking space on someone's driveaway so you can save on those eye-watering long-stay parking costs at the train station and airport. XE Currency is handy to have on your phone so you can know exactly what you're spending in the local currency, while Audible is currently giving away a free audible book download when you sign up - great for any long journeys. 




Tickets to popular attractions such as waterparks, iconic landmarks and daytrip excursions are often cheaper when bought in advance online. With a little bit of research, you might also find vouchers and special offers that can be used, too. Gather the troups and decide what you want to do in advance, so you can save a pretty penny while you keep yourself and your travel companions entertained on holiday! It's also worth checking out Groupon deals for your destination. 



Don’t get caught out with the heavyweight excess baggage charges at check-in. Invest in a cheap suitcase scale to check weight before you set off - take a look at our space-saving travel hacks on how to pack a suitcase like a pro. If you really do need everything that’s in your case, paying for extra weight in advance is usually cheaper than waiting until you’re at the desk, no matter how good you think your eyelash batting skills are!



Our mobile phones are a holiday must these days for keeping in contact with home, finding great places to go (and how to get there), and posting plenty of sun-kissed photos to show your friends and family, obviously! But it’s easy to be caught out when it comes to cost. Keep your mobile bills down when you're abroad by checking costs with your provider (and purchasing any travel add-ons) in advance, turning off your data roaming and using free Wi-Fi where you can. Factor in if a hotel offers free wifi when booking as daily charges will add up if you're away for a week or more. 



The cost of flying is usually a big chunk of your holiday cost, so it stands to reason that shorter flights will be cheaper and there are awesome beach holidays and exciting city break destinations closer to home - if you're feeling daring we've rounded up the top city breaks in Europe you can explore in just one day! If you are in need of some well-deserved sunshine, countries including Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Malta and Cape Verde are a good options, ranging from three to six hours away. Destinations with lots of different hotels cater to different budgets however big or small, so Spain holidays and Greek getaways are always safe bets. 



Book an early bird break and you could be basking on a beautiful beach for bargain prices. If you know where you want to go next year, book your summer holidays as soon as the best price grabs your attention. This means that you’ll also have the best choice of hotels and flight times, which could make your holiday cheaper and more convenient. The 'don’t delay' approach works best when you're looking for popular holidays during peak times (such as school holidays), when demand is always likely to be high - so don't hold on to your passport for any longer than you have to!
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Alternatively, if you're flexible about when you fly, leaving your holiday booking as late as you dare can be a great tactic for bagging a bargain. We have a wide variety of cheap last minute holidays available, plus prices can continue to drop right up until the day before you fly! If you don't have the kids in tow, book outside of school hols or check out the best winter sun holidays.



All inclusive holidays can save you a fortune, plus by booking in advance you can pay monthly and also nesure that once you're on the beach, there are no unexpected costs as everything is paid for before you fly. Food and drink are a big holiday expense, so do away with any nasty surprises and eat and drink as much as you like for free! All inclusive is a great option for family holidays, as it means you can easily budget for your break without the worry of the inevitable, endless requests for snacks, ice-creams and drinks! And there’s no need to compromise on quality either as many hotels have several dining options, including buffet, a la carte and specialist restaurants.



Being organised is the key to cheaper holidays, so you can start by being smart with your beach buys. Get your clothes, sunglasses, sandals and suncreams for next year in the summer sales if you can. If you like to snap up holiday staples throughout the year, it's a good idea to start a holiday box - pop any of your pre-holiday purchases in a lidded plastic box and put it out of the way to stop the temptation of wearing them before you fly!


If you’re an easy going kind of traveller, you’ll find that picking up a cheap beach break is a breeze. The more flexible you can be when it comes to travel dates, destinations and hotel facilities, the better. If you're on a tight budget, why not take a look at our deals on holidays under £100 and holidays under £200? If you have restrictions or very specific requirements, i.e. you need to travel on certain dates or you want your hotel to have a kids club/waterpark/spa etc, you might be better off booking your holiday as far in advance as you can to save any disappointment.


Sun protection is really important and not something to be skimped on, but it’s not always necessary to buy fresh bottles every time you travel. Suncreams can still be effective up to two years after opening, so check the PAO (period after opening) number on the back. It’s worth marking the first use date on the bottle with a permanent pen so you don’t forget. If you do need new, look out for 2 for 1 deals in shops and supermarkets. Don't forget to pack it in your suitcase not your hand luggage!

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We make holiday savings simple. Our great value getaways, destination deals, special offers and exclusives mean you'll be basking on a bargain beach break in no time. Keep yourself in the loop by signing up to our exciting email newsletters. All of our emails are filled with holiday information, inspiration and idyllic imagery, so you can save yourself a whole lot of shopping around and spending money, too! Whether you fancy cheap holidays in Costa Blanca or last minute holidays in Dubai - you're sure to find a bargain break that ticks all of your boxes!


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