The USA is one of the most popular destinations for travellers the World over, with a huge amount of holiday experiences to indulge in. Go shopping on Fifth Avenue in New York, enjoy a thrilling stage show in Las Vegas or relax in San Francisco’s stunning Golden Gate Park. Visit Los Angeles, the entertainment capital where you can find some of the biggest celebrities on the planet, sunbathe on Miami’s iconic South Beach or take a white-knuckle ride in one of Orlando’s many amusement parks.

USA holidays with Teletext offer you tremendous value for money, with some amazing twin-centre holiday packages to experience; twin New York with Las Vegas or Miami, or Las Vegas with Miami or Orlando. If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not combine San Francisco with LA and Vegas for a ‘3-in-1’ trip that will never be forgotten?!

As if there weren’t enough, we also offer multicentre holidays to the USA and the Caribbean, so you can literally visit two completely different countries on one amazing holiday. Think about it; one day you could be taking in a Broadway show in New York, and the next you could be sipping on a cocktail on a white sand beach in...

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