Whether you’re interested in a brief stop in the Middle East before heading off for a cultural experience in Sri Lanka or a chilled beach stay in the Maldives; or you’re after something a little more adventurous such as a tour of India followed by a stay in one of the beautiful beach resorts of Goa, there are a wealth of Indian Ocean multicentre holiday options to choose from.

Stopping in the Middle East, whether it is in the popular city of Dubai or the fabulous emirate of Abu Dhabi, provides possibly the best way to combine the Indian Ocean with another destination as many of the best value flights will stop off here on the way. Choose from the unique islands of the Maldives, the cultural hub of Sri Lanka, the exclusive island of Mauritius or the stunning beaches of southwest India, all of which combine perfectly with a modern Middle-eastern city break – whether it’s at the beginning or the end of your trip.

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