Why you should book a winter sun holiday

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Why you should book
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a winter sun holiday

Why you should book a winter sun holiday 

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For many, a holiday is taken during the peak summer months of June, July and August when the sun is as hot as it can be and your Facebook feed is full of people posting pictures of glorious sunshine and them having fun with the kids on the beach. And of course, a summer holiday is an ideal way to recharge the batteries when the kids are off school. However to some a winter sun holiday and the benefits of jetting off in the colder months outweigh a traditional summer break and for good reason, there are many benefits of booking a winter sun holiday

But what are they? 

Cheaper Prices  

Like everything in life, costs increase with demand. As most people head on a holiday in the summer this is when the costs are highest as hotels and flights are at capacity. Plus factor in the fact that the schools are closed and you have a perfect environment for high prices. So if you can, avoiding the peak months can mean that prices are more reasonable as the flights are not as competitive and hotels have a bit more capacity, allowing them to drop prices to attract more visitors. Check out the likes of Tenerife, Lanzarote, mainland Spain and Majorca for winter sun offers - they really do offer fantastic value form money. 

Less crowds 


Less people means less competition for the best flight times, best hotels and rooms, spots on the beach and access to attractions! Having less crowds can really heighten your experience and allows you to relax rather than having to set the alarm at 7am everyday to secure a lounger by the pool or to get first dibs on the all inclusive breakfast buffet. These are all reasons why couples and older travellers often prefer a winter sun break over a summer one, especially if they do not need to plan breaks during the school holidays

Milder Temperatures 

Let’s be real, a holiday – unless it is a ski holiday of course – is all about nice sunny weather. Nobody wants to travel abroad to be greeted by grey skies and rain. But let’s also face the fact that when the temperatures get above 30 degrees, it really is a little bit too hot to be enjoyable for most! That is why a winter sun holiday is ideal, you’ll still be able to enjoy temperatures in the twenties during the day in winter sun hotspots such as the Canaries. But remember, if you want to travel in say October, November or December and want scorching temperatures, it is always summer somewhere in the world so you can chase the sun with a long haul holiday to the likes of Thailand or Dubai and get summer heat during the winter. 

Be welcomed with open arms 

It is no secret that COVID has hit the travel industry hard. Hotels and whole countries have had to shut down for months on end and as a result many countries heavily dependent on tourism have suffered. But for a consumer this is good news. With hotels and airlines hit hard, there is some fantastic deals to be had. Plus when you arrive in resort the hotel staff will be more than happy to see you and welcome you back, so expect to see big warm smiles to go with the lovely daytime temperatures. You may find that some hotels have had to make changes to make their hotels COVID secure and this is good news again for customers, as you can relax knowing the hotel is meeting standards set by local governments and tourism bodies so this can only heighten your enjoyment. 

Check out our best winter sun holidays for inspiration and book your winter sun holiday today, especially if you’ve never considered it – this year and next will be the best times to give it a go before more and more people get back to holidaying like they did pre-COVID! 

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Why you should book a winter sun holiday
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