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Barbados is the top place to travel in the world, says survey


Planning a Caribbean holiday? Pack your bags for the paradise island of Barbados, which has been crowned as the best destination to travel to in the world! Yes, you heard right, Barbados has topped the overall Destination Satisfaction Index, as survey results (questioning over 70,000 jet-setters) from data collection agency Norstat and dp2research, reveal. This idylic destination came up trumps for a variety of parameters including beaches, entertainment, food, accommodation, transport and more.

It was announced at the travel trade show ITB in Berlin on March 7 that this tropical island is the top-rated destination for travellers, scoring 8.8 out of 10 in the evaluation. And with balmy resorts featuring spectacular all inclusive hotels, an impressive 92km coastline, bundles of history and a deliciously exotic cuisine (not to mention the free-flowing Rum) - it's really no surprise.


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Rum shops are very much a part of Barbados' landscape; these colourful wooden facades spill toe-tapping reggae music from their windows and the smell of sweet 'n' spicy Bajan food will lure you in. If you’re in high ‘spirits’, sign up for a booze cruise across the island, where you can enjoy some strong rum punch inbetween your snorkelling breaks (be careful though, we don't encourage drink diving!). Barbados boasts an eclectic nightlife - well, it is the hometown of Rum after all -  and you’ll find plenty of bars, such as Cin Cin and Scarlet, or Harbour Lights, an open-air nightclub where you can sip heady cocktails and snack on freshly grilled fish.

The Crop Over harvest festival held in August is a great time to visit, where you can soak up a plethora of rum-infused festivities. Or if you fancy a winter sun holiday, you're in luck, as every November the island plays host to a Food, Wine & Rum Festival, with an attractive line-up of beach parties, where you can dance all night to calypso beats. Browse our cheap holidays to Barbados 2018 and start planning your party calendar...


barbados beach and coconut trees

It's impossible to think of Barbados without picturing long blonde sands and calm azure waters. The Platinum Coast is one of the most popular pastimes in this Caribbean isle, and it's no wonder when you've got 92km to play with! If you’re a whizz at windsurfing and kitesurfing, head over to Silver Sands, famous for its annual Waterman Festival which attracts competitive surfers worldwide. If you want to dive a little deeper and explore the resorts exotic marine life, Carlisle Bay is a must-visit for wrecks, while the south coasts of St James and Christ Church are all about the rainbow-coloured reefs. Whether you're seeking a lazy afternoon, that perfect instagram shot, or a perfect picnic spot (or all three?), the glittery pink sands of Bottom Bay, framed by rugged cliffs and coconut trees is where to pitch up. Flour-white Mullin's Bay is also a popular spot to plant your bucket and spade along the Platinum Coast, with a beach bar and nearby shops to mooch.

Once you've ticked Barbados off your bucket list, take a look at our alternative long haul holiday destinations we recommend for silky sands, clear seas and tropical landscapes.

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