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While soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach is a popular pastime for many, why not throw in a little excitement and swap your laid-back days on the sand for a lively excursion or two? Whether you want to do something crazy with your other half or you're looking for fun activities to enjoy with the family, do things a little differently next time you travel and test out the top 10 extreme sports and adventure holidays - we're sure that one of them will tickle your fancy.

Take a look at our top resorts for family holidays in 2017 for fun-loving adventures in the sun!

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River Surfing In Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of New Zealand and is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the most adventurous resort towns in the world. Offering an impressive range of exciting excursions including heli-skiing, bungee jumping, hiking and skydiving, Queenstown has an adventure to suit everyone! If you want to make a splash, head to the historic Kawarau River where you can whizz down whirpools, stand the waves and ride daring rock jumps!


Roatan is the largest of the Honduras Bay Islands and is a haven for divers. Located on the edge of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (the second largest in the world), the sea here is vibrant blue and full of tropical fish, colourful coral and shipwrecks to feast your eyes on. Head to popular site Cara a Cara (Spanish for face-to-face) where you can swim with up to 20 sharks! There are some spectacular diving schools that cater to beginners too, so if you're new to diving you'll soon be up to speed!  



For a totally hands on holiday, put your strength to the test and try your hand at Timber Rafting. The Klarälven river was popular for logging up until 1991 and is now used for log-rafting enthusiasts who wish to sail leisurely down the river, passing rural villages and farmland as they go - the perfect way to wind down. Nature lovers will be in their element here, as you're likely to spot the odd beaver and plenty of hopping fish, so it's worth taking you're rod! Why not round off the trip by staying in a riverside tent, too? 

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Adventure Eco Tour In Costa Rica

Channel your inner adventurist and explore some of Costa Rica's natural wonders. You'll find plenty of trips that are fit for all the family, from hiking trails through wild jungles and the Tenorio Volcano National Park, to bungee jumping over the Colorado River and exploring the Monteverde Cloud Forest!

Trekking In Nepal

Home to eight of the ten highest mountains in the world (including Mount Everest), Nepal is still the holy grail of trekking destinations. Trekking peaks range from 5,587m to 6,654m and permits are required from the Nepal Mountaineering Association. Pack you're hiking boots if you're brave enough!

Heli-Skiing In Canada


If frosty family holidays in Canada are your thing, then you should definitely give heli-skiing a go. If you're brave enough to maneuver steep mountain tops, enjoy an adventure-fuelled afternoon on a heli-ski and snowcat excursion into the beautiful back country. Day trip packages will drop you off at the peak of a pristine snowy mountain with a pack lunch, certified mountain guide and avalanche safety equipment so you can start your journey down the slopes! Stay in one of the luxury ski lodges for the full experience.

Dog Sledding In Greenland And Alaska

Mush, mush! Alaska and Canada are epic destinations for those in search of snowy adventures! Forget the noisy snowmobile: take an exhilarating dog sled ride through Arctic landscapes and you'll be filled with the spirit of past explorers - plus you get to spend the day with some gorgeous pups!

White-Water Rafting In Australia

The Franklin River runs through 78 miles of wilderness in the remote south-west region of Tasmania. You couldn’t ask for a better stretch of river for a serious white-water rafting trip. Paddle five to 11 days on challenging grade-four rapids, past cascading waterfalls and through deep gorges and thick rainforest!

Climbing And Mountaineering In Scotland

Grab your hiking boots and head for Scotland's Munro's - the country's mountains peaking over 3,000ft. The towering crags on the Isle of Skye and the granite rocks of the Cairngorms are popular while the mountains around Glencoe offer dramatic views once you reach the top. Glencoe is a good base for rock-climbing courses and mountaineering expeditions, too.



If you're looking for a seriously mega challenge, then the annual Ice Marathon is the place to head. You can combine raising money for charity with exploring one of the most remote places in the entire world. Temperatures can get as low as -20°C here, making completing a marathon pretty tough - but how many of your friends can say they've done the Ice Marathon?!

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