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The Results Are Finally In: The 2020 Best Blogger Award Nominees

It feels like it’s been months. You’ve been spending every day impatiently refreshing our blog in the hopes that there will be new information and screaming to the heavens, When will they let me know the 2020 Best Blogger Award nominees?! Well, we’ve got some good news for you: today’s the day you find out.

As you may well know, we are the proud sponsor of the British Travel Awards’ Best Blogger Award. We’ve spent the past few months finding the best UK bloggers in the biz, sourcing fantastic pitches from them and organising them into different categories. We then sent along all of the entries to our panel of travel experts, which included last year’s winner Stephanie Parker (Big World Small Pockets), Dave McClane (Man vs Globe), Toby Whitehouse (Director at Gaydio) and Sarah N. (our Marketing Director). They were tasked with choosing their favourite pitch from each category.

As we had so many fantastic entries, it was an incredibly tough decision for our expert panel - but, after much consideration, they were finally able to choose 10 nominees. Without further ado, here are the travel bloggers who will be put forward for the Best Blogger Award 2020 at the British Travel Awards!

The Most Adaptive Travel Bloggers: Gretta Schifano, Cathy Winston, Kirstie Pelling, Nicola West and Ting Dalton from Armchair Travels?

Gretta Schifano, Cathy Winston, Kirstie Pelling, Nicola West and Ting Dalton from Armchair Travels

Armchair Travels is made up of the all-female dream team Gretta, Cathy, Kirstie, Nicole and Ting. They each have their own established travel blogs but, when lockdown came around and travel became impossible, they decided to band together and create a virtual travel blog to inspire and entertain readers from around the world.

Our panel of experts loved the originality and creativity of this idea, making these bloggers the pick for Most Adaptive Travel Bloggers of 2020.

“Whether you’re self-isolating, social distancing, unable to physically travel or unable to afford it, Armchair Travels brings you the globe’s greatest marvels, researched and curated by five award-winning travel writers.”

The Best Newcomers: James and Lee Scrivener from The Travel Scribes

James and Lee Scrivener from The Travel Scribes

The Travel Scribes has been around for just over a year and, in that short amount of time, has proven itself to be one of the fastest growing websites in the travel world - even during the tough times of the coronavirus and travel bans. With impressive stats (over one million visitors in January of this year) and a lofty list of permanent partnerships, this blog has achieved more in one short year than many blogs do over the course of 10.

Our panel of experts was impressed by how quickly this blog has grown since its infancy, which is one of the many reasons these bloggers were chosen as the Best Newcomers of 2020.

“In April 2019, The Travel Scribes – a website dedicated to travelling, writing and social media – was born. The blog was the brainchild of married couple James and Lee Scrivener; these two writers and marketers wanted a place to document their spirit for wanderlust, passion for the written word and burgeoning Instagram profile.”

The Best Cultural Travel Bloggers: Paul Healy and Mark Barnes from Anywhere We Roam

Paul Healy and Mark Barnes from Anywhere We Roam

Anywhere We Roam is run by Paul and Mark. These two travel bloggers have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, truth and travel. As they explore the globe and its many peoples and cultures, they don’t shy away from uncomfortable realities, awkward moral conclusions and unusual lessons - instead, they listen and try to understand.

Our panel of experts saw Anywhere We Roam as raw and real, making these bloggers a shoo-in for Best Cultural Travel Bloggers of 2020.

“At Anywhere We Roam, we take our readers on a journey through the clash of cultures forged from contrasting political systems and economic models. Places where locals have a story to tell that is different to our own.”

The Best Gluten-Free Travel Blogger: Laura Strange from My Gluten Free Guide

Laura Strange from My Gluten Free Guide

My Gluten Free Guide is a safe haven for coeliacs and others living a gluten-free lifestyle. It’s run by Laura, an expert in gluten-free living, eating and travelling. She has a passion for helping others travel gluten-free, and giving comprehensive advice and guidance for a variety of destinations, both abroad and throughout the UK.

Our panel of experts loved that this blog was based on Laura’s personal travel experiences, making Laura an authentic choice for Best Gluten-Free Travel Blogger of 2020.

“I want to make the gluten-free side of travel easy for people so that they can enjoy their holiday without having to worry about where they can get their next safe meal.”

The Best Health and Fitness Travel Blogger: Lucy Edwards from Paddle Pedal Pace

Lucy Edwards from Paddle Pedal Pace

Lucy uses her blog, Paddle Pedal Pace, to share her fitness and travel adventures, which can range from cycling in Tenerife and hiking in Crete to swimming in Sweden. She is seen as an expert in the fitness blogging world and has worked with a large range of hostel and hotel chains and tourist boards.

Our panel of experts was impressed by Lucy’s commitment to her training, even while on holiday, making her the top choice for the Best Health and Fitness Travel Blogger of 2020.

“Paddle Pedal Pace combines my two passions - fitness and travel. I'm a triathlete and my training doesn't stop just because I'm on holiday! Whether it's a city break, beach holiday or work trip, I believe in keeping active and using running or cycling as a way to explore a new destination.”

The Best Travel with Kids Blogger: Nichola from Globalmouse Travels

Nichola from Globalmouse Travels

From sharing personal stories of family travel to creating inspiring content for families, Globalmouse Travels is the ultimate family-friendly guide to travelling with kids - and, whether it’s partnering with tourist boards and other travel companies or taking a night train through Morocco, Nichola knows her stuff.

Our panel of experts was especially intrigued by Nichola’s initiatives to keep families occupied during lockdown, such as virtual travel experiences; this was one of the many reasons she was chosen as the Best Travel with Kids Blogger of 2020.

“Travel is a passion for our family and through Globalmouse Travels I show others that they shouldn’t stop travelling when children arrive - in fact this is the time when exploring the world with all of its wonderful complexities and beautiful differences is more important than ever.”

The Best Blogging Veteran: Julie Falconer from A Lady in London

Julie Falconer from A Lady in London

A Lady in London has been around since 2007 - that means Julie’s blog has been up and running for almost 15 years! Not only that, she has managed to adapt and change with the times, learning the latest blogging trends and constantly thinking of new and unique ways to produce content her readers will love.

Our expert panel admired the sheer dedication Julie had to travel blogging - from being on the scene for over a decade to staying relevant and popular all that time - making her the Best Blogging Veteran of 2020.

“Founded in 2007, A Lady in London is a pioneering travel blog and has been one of the world's top travel blogs for 13 years.”

The Best Staycation Travel Bloggers: Chloe Gunning and Macca Sherifi from Great British Bucket List

Chloe Gunning and Macca Sherifi from Great British Bucket List

As its name suggests, Great British Bucket List features all the very best things to do in Great Britain, giving lots of top staycation tips and suggesting destinations that can be found in the beautiful United Kingdom. Chloe and Macca have one goal: to inspire others to love a UK staycation just as much as they do!

Our expert panel liked that Chloe and Macca promoted responsible staycation travel by sharing an eco-friendly style of travel with their readers; this was one of the many reasons they were chosen as the Best Staycation Travel Bloggers of 2020.

“We’re so passionate about showing our readers the UK’s natural beauty, diversity and incredible things to do. From beautiful hikes and money-saving travel tips to quirky accommodation and unique activities, we think a staycation offers just as much, if not more, than adventures abroad.”

The Best Accessible Travel Blogger: Carrie-Ann Lightley from

Carrie-Ann Lightley from

Carrie Ann Lightly, who runs the blog, gives top tips and travel advice for disabled people, and aims to inspire these individuals to travel the globe. She is one of the best accessible travel blogs in the UK, and has written features that have appeared in national newspapers.

Our expert panel liked Carrie-Ann’s decision to provide information for disabled people travelling during the ‘new normal’, one of the many reasons she was named the Best Accessible Travel Blogger of 2020.

“ is one of the UK’s leading accessible travel blogs, encouraging and inspiring disabled people to travel through accessibility reviews, disability travel guides and wheelchair travel tips, as well as a brand new fortnightly accessible travel newsletter.”

The Best Pet Travel Blogger: Cathrine Garnell from Bionic Basil

Cathrine Garnell from Bionic Basil

Bionic Basil is a unique and entertaining cat blog that has been around for eight years and is one of the top 10 pet blogs in the UK. Cathrine makes sure to post at least four days a week (and more, if possible!) to bring a smile and a healthy dose of fun to her worldwide feline-loving audience.

Our expert panel liked the fact that Cathrine’s blog centres around the reader’s experience and enjoyment - while, of course, never forgetting about the joys of cat companionship - which is one of the many reasons they named her the Best Pet Travel Blogger of 2020.

“We consistently offer abundant diversity to our readers such as brain training, mindfulness, colouring mandalas and colouring books, crafting projects, adventure stories, fashion, art, travel, gardening, book reviews and many other things all with cats!”

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of this year’s participants and a big congratulations to the 10 selected nominees! You can vote for your favourite blogger by registering here and voting until Sunday 22 November. The winner of the Best Blogger Award will be announced at the virtual British Travel Awards, held on Monday 14 December at 2pm.

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