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Winter Sun Holidays

Beat the winter blues
8th December 2020
By heck lass, ‘ant it gone cold? As we all shiver to our very core this week with temps dropping into the minuses and snow on the forecast there’s only one sure fire way to beat the winter blues this December and that’s to escape Britain entirely and get theeself ofta sun. The temperature even in the very south of the UK today is a teeth chattering 4c, but in Dubai today it’s 26c, in Tenerife it’s 21c, in Cancun it’s 24c, Cuba is enjoying 23c and in Jamaica you can relax in an average temperature of 31c. Scorchio!
The famous beach of Varadero in Cuba
The ideal escape for
25th August 2020
With the summer drawing to an end and our eyes turning to Winter Sun holidays we either want to recreate that beach magic we just enjoyed or, perhaps with Covid-19 stopping many summer holidays this year, your next holiday will be the very first of the year and you’re looking to do something extra special? If so, then have we got the four best holidays for you!  
Beautiful sunny day on the Cancun beach