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Miami Holidays

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4th September 2020
There’s more to Florida Holidays than Mickey Mouse (although if you’ve got kids it would be cruel not to visit Disneyworld!). Today we are going to explore the other resorts of Florida and run down the top 5 things to do in Florida outside of the theme parks. So, no Disney, no Universal Studios, no Sea World and not even Busch Gardens, absolutely NO THEME PARKS.
Panoramic view of people enjoying at the best of Florida beach
Florida Holidays 2021
14th July 2020
Florida is a big state with a diverse landscape and an inexhaustible list of things to do. Travelling its length would take an entire day by car and that is why most visitors tend to stick to either the East or West coast only venturing inland to visit Orlando and the theme parks. Why not explore the length and breadth of the state with a Florida Holiday to remember? We give you five fantastic Florida reasons to visit (without needing to even look at a pair of mouse ears!)  
Bright Sunny day at Florida beach