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14th November 2017
Magical theme parks, exhilarating water sports, rocking rollercoasters, sweeping sun-drenched beaches, scintillating nightlife – Florida has myriad charms. Boasting 300 days of glorious golden sun every year, it’s never a bad time to visit this US hotspot. If you’re looking for a beach holiday in the Sunshine State without spending a fortune, check out our cheap holiday deals to Florida or browse our beautiful selection of places to stay below for the best-value offers. 
Lifeguard tower on the coastline of miami south beach at sunrise
26th July 2017
Avijit Sengupta
Put away your cocktail making set and take a rain check on the round of shots waiting at your local pub, because we've discovered the best bars around the world for tasty tequila cocktails in light of National Tequila Day earlier this week! Whether you plan on celebrating in the buzzing city of London or want to pay a special tribute by visiting the spirit's home territory of Mexico, be sure to keep your salt and lemon on standby...
Glasses of tequilla cocktails by the sea in the sunset
20th February 2017
Avijit Sengupta
If you fancy a cinematic escape, the Oscars is the perfect excuse to sit back, relax, and marvel over all the amazing film locations (of course). As Dolby Theatre celebrates the best of Hollywood cinema on 26 February, we take a look at some of this year’s Academy Award-nominated movies and the spectacular destinations they were filmed in - we don't know about you, but they're certainly inspiring our next summer holiday!
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20th January 2017
If you fancy soaking up the sun au naturel, check out our list of where to find the best nudist beaches abroad and you can plan for the ultimate all-over tan. We’ve got the bare necessities covered so you can, well – uncover. Whether it's strip-friendly stretches or full on clothes-free resorts you’re after, you’ll find plenty of fabulous beach holidays where ‘birthday suit’ is the dress code, below.  
Sunset Beach Sand Sea Water Sunset