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Malta Holidays

Top 3 Bars in
6th May 2022
Malta’s nightlife is becoming ever more popular each year, with hundreds of bars to choose from. Whilst not the biggest island, it can still pack a bunch when it comes to nightlife, which is why it is growing in popularity every year with people who want to experience something a little bit more under the radar compared to the likes of Majorca and Ibiza. 
The ultimate relaxing
18th September 2020
Did you know that it’s only 149 days until Valentine’s Day? Okay, it’s not close… but it’s coming and you better be prepared! If you’re in the market for a relaxing couple’s holiday, where the bar is all inclusive, the sun loungers are prepped and all you have to do is rock up and enjoy (and score some serious brownie points too) then do we have the four perfect romantic and relaxing destinations for you?
Couple enjoying at Malta