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3rd September 2019
The African continent is as diverse as it is dynamic and so it’s no wonder that many of its mesmerising locations top bucket lists all over the world. Browse our favourite five destinations on the continent and start planning your next exotic getaway...
Friends Enjoying their Holiday at Wooden Cottage near Beach, Mauritius, East Africa
13th November 2017
Ratnabir Guha
In light of David Attenborough’s BBC aquatic wonder Blue Planet returning to our screens, we thought it fitting to feature 6 of our favourite cheap diving holidays. With our wallet-friendly prices, you can don your snorkel and flippers without gallivanting all the way to the Galapagos Islands!  
Scuba divers exploring the aquatic world in blue water with sunlight shining through
18th January 2017
Your honeymoon is probably the most special holiday of your lifetime, so make it one you’ll never forget. We've rounded up the top honeymoon destinations for every budget so you can lap up the luxury even with a post-wedding bank balance! Whether you want an adult-only stay, a sumptuous spa retreat or a lively holiday where you can let your hair down, we've got something to suit everyone. If a mini-moon is more you, take a look at our superb short haul options and city breaks - or if you're feeling daring you could even do it all in a day with our top 10 European day trip destinations!
Honeymoons beach holiday
1st January 2017
Want to swap grey skies for gorgeous sandy beaches but not sure where is hot in January and February for a holiday? Hurghada has earned the crown as Egypt's most popular tourist destination and for good reason. You'll be met by warm weather reaching 21°C, low rainful (thanks to it's dreamy desert location) and 7+ hours of sunshine a day! Perfect for spending your days lounging by the glistening pool, pottering along the beautiful beaches and exploring the colourful coral reefs under the crystal clear sea.
Hurghada Sun Beach Holidays Egypt
5th December 2016
Do you dream of sun, sea and sand, but are not sure where to spend your next holiday? Our luxurious list of the top 10 beach holiday locations around the world will get those wanderlust juices flowing! From the Emerald Coast in Florida to the jaw-dropping Whitsunday Islands of Australia, we've rounded up the best beach holidays for you to browse. If you're still in two minds, why not check out our top 2019 holidays as well - buckets and spades at the ready!
shifting sand beneath blue clear water in Whitsunday beach