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13th January 2017
Want to know where to go, where to eat and what to do? Look no further than our list of top 15 things to do in Dubai. Famed for its incredible attractions, skyscrapers and ever-sunny beaches, the dazzling city of Dubai is an intoxicating mix of luxury hotels, vast shopping malls, elegant spas, fabulous restaurants, thrilling water parks and world-class family resorts. While extraordinary structures including the Palm Jumeirah Island, the iconic Burj Khalifa skyscraper and the beautiful Burj Al Arab hotel have put this premier destination on the map, you can pick from thousands of Dubai holidays suited to every budget. With a jaw-dropping range of hotels, family resorts and all-inclusive hotels, you can be assured first-rate hospitality, golden sands and five-star service all year round....
Dubai palm jumeirah luxury holidays
4th January 2017
It's unlikely that this jewel in the UAE crown would have been on anyone's holiday radar 20 years ago, but today this record-breaking city is the go-to destination for city breaks and winter sunshine! Boasting the earth's tallest skyscraper, city-sized shopping malls and the largest man-made island, Dubai certainly doesn't do things by halves. If you fancy a little long haul luxury, we've gathered together some advice for travelling to Dubai so you can set off for this spectacular city without a worry!
Dubai skyline city guide
1st December 2016
Dubai is certainly a holiday hotspot (in both senses of the word) and with sizzling summer temperatures topping 40 degrees and mercury staying between 25 and 30 throughout the rest of the year, you can pretty much guarantee amazing weather. Its spectacular cityscape, gorgeous beaches, world-class malls and bustling markets make it one of the most magnificent places to visit in the world. And you’ll find a host of cheap fun things to do in Dubai while you’re there, too. So if you're heading to this dazzling destination and want to know more, here are 13 things you didn't know about Dubai...
Downtown city lit up in light and Burj Khalifa seen in the middle at night in Dubai UAE