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7th February 2022
If you think you know all there is about this Caribbean Coast, you better think again. We've rounded up 10 things you didn't know about Cancun, Mexico so you can discover what lies beyond the palm-dotted beaches, turquoise seas and all inclusive hotels!  If you’re travelling with kids, check out our guide on everything you need to know about family holidays in Cancun.
super sunny beach in Cancun Summer Holidays Mexico
Top 10 Underrated Travel Destinations
2nd November 2018
We can all reel off the destinations that are renowned for their bucket-list-worthy status - we're looking at you Dubai - but what about the amazing locations that haven't quite made the cut? We've highlighted a few of, what we think, are the most underrated travel destinations around the world in a bid to boost their holiday rank - and quite rightly, too! Browse our list below and you might just be surprised at the outcome...   
Panorama of the blue X'Canche Cenote close to Ek Balam near Valladolid, Yucatan peninsula, Mexico
10th May 2018
Ratnabir Guha
Whether it's a family holIday to a tropical paradise or an exciting camping trip to the countryside, our love for travel is often linked to our desire to experience the healing touch of nature. Sadly, climate change and human-induced pollution threaten to alter our environment forever. With 12 million tonnes of plastic waste entering our ocean each year, scientists speak forebodingly of a doomsday when there will be more plastic than fish in our ocean. Thankfully, a selection of institutions are taking positive steps to clean up, with recent efforts from Marriott Hotels replacing plastic-wrapped soaps and shampoo bottles with shower-product dispenser systems - with the promise of other hotels following suit. Browse our selection of glorious green hotels and be inspired for your 2018...
birdseye view of soneva fushi eco resort in the maldives surrounded by turqouise sea
13th November 2017
Ratnabir Guha
In light of David Attenborough’s BBC aquatic wonder Blue Planet returning to our screens, we thought it fitting to feature 6 of our favourite cheap diving holidays. With our wallet-friendly prices, you can don your snorkel and flippers without gallivanting all the way to the Galapagos Islands!  
Scuba divers exploring the aquatic world in blue water with sunlight shining through
10 Portugal destinations
21st June 2017
Anuradha Varma
It may be famous for its fantastic beach resorts in the Algarve, but Portugal's landscape is wonderfully diverse with a whole host of holidays waiting to be had in each region. Whether your perfect escape consists of cultural towns, golden sand beaches, lively cities or fairytale castles, we've found 10 popular Portugal destinations that offer uniquely different experiences.
Beach in Algarve region of Portugal