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Cuba travel

Why you should visit
11th February 2022
Everyone says you should visit Cuba before it gets commercialised by the United States and before big corporations eventually expand onto the island putting an end to a place untainted by McDonalds and Starbucks. So I visited Cuba back in 2017 and I could already see some of the changes being made by the US, only slightly, but still noticeable. The country is changing and more hotels are being built to cope with the demand for accommodation, but it still remains one of the most unique places you can visit so make sure it is on your 2022 holiday bucket list! 
My Best Travel Memories - Inma
11th June 2020
While it’s been almost three months since I came back from my last adventure, and I am still unsure when I will be able to travel to far-flung destinations; I cannot complain as my heart grows fond with more great memories than I could have ever forecasted.
A Traveller enjoying on mountain with a backpack