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Christmas Markets

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22nd May 2020
Whether it’s the sweet smell of mince pies, hanging up your stocking or decorating the tree that fills you with warmth this winter, we’ve got a few treats worth adding to your list this festive season. Christmas is right around the corner, so where better to do your seasonal shopping than on one of these sparkling Christmas market city breaks?  
Illuminated Christmas market with stalls decorated Christmas tree and a carousel in Europe
8th October 2018
From world-renowned malls to chic boutiques, famous streets and hipster markets, it's fair to say that New York City is unrivalled when it comes to it's shopping scene. Crowned with a reputation for being one of the best destinations for retailtherapy in the world, the Big Apple can cater to every request - whether it's high-street fashion, vintage pop-ups, quirky antique stalls or expansive outlets you're after. Discover the city's popular districts and get ready to cross the doors of the most elite department stores around...    
Colourful and fast-paced Times Square, New York City