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Inspired by the London Marathon 2018?
21st April 2018
Anuradha Varma
If the lead up to the London Marathon 2018 is inspiring you to lace up your running shoes, you're in luck, as we've tracked down some of the best walking and running trails in Europe – so you can combine your leisurely break with some sporty action.
man running on a rural road on a sunny morning along the river
13th April 2018
Avijit Sengupta
As the spring ushers in warm, sunnier days, nature blushes in a heavenly pinkish glow. Yes, we’re talking about cherry blossom. Springtime marks the blooming of cherry flowers and when it reaches mankai (full bloom), vibrant pink and white hues fill the air. We’ve cherry-picked (pun intended!) the best places around the world to see cherry blossom if you fancy seeing this spring spectacle for yourself.  But remember, the flowers bloom just for a week or two, so you'll need to time your visit accurately – our cheap last minute holidays ensure you’ll be soaking in the views in no time!
gorgeous pink landscape shot of cherry blossom by river in Washington DC
25th January 2018
Avijit Sengupta
What would you take on holiday if you could pack anything? Could you ditch the gadgets for an entire trip? Is there a home comfort you have to take? Teletext Holidays asked 1000 people across Great Britain and Northern Ireland these questions and more to discover exactly what makes a perfect holiday… and the results may surprise you!
red suitcase and other travel accessories on sunny beach
Best cities in the world
19th December 2017
Squeeze down quaint cobbled streets, immerse yourslef in the local culture and have the freedom to be stopped in your tracks when you discover the best cities in the world by bike. Whether you want an affordable way to sightsee, to keep your fitness levels on track or simply want to explore the city at your own pace, we've rounded up a list of our favourite cities with bike lanes just waiting to be wandered.
vintage bike on a colourful street during autumn season
6th August 2017
Anuradha Varma
It's International Friendship Day and what better way to celebrate than by booking a last-minute beach or city break with a bunch of your closest mates? We've plucked some of the most popular destinations to visit with friends, so you can explore the flamenco bars of Madrid, browse the flea-markets in Paris and make a splash at surf-friendly beaches in Lagos...
Friends sitting on a cliff overlooking Rio in Brazil