Sharm El Sheikh Holidays – Five Magical Reasons to Visit

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Sharm El Sheikh Holidays
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Five Magical Reasons to Visit

Sharm El Sheikh Holidays – Five Magical Reasons to Visit


We can think of many more than five reasons to take a Sharm El Sheikh holiday this year but let’s kick this guide off to our favourite Egyptian resort with five of the very best. We all know Sharm has deep golden sandy beaches, amazing diving in her coral reefs and vast rolling dunes to explore by quad bike. Sharm El Sheikh is a water lover’s paradise and a beach dweller’s dream. Whether you’re travelling with kids or just possess a childlike spirit, you’ll fall in love with the holiday adventure that is Sharm El Sheikh! 

Dive In – One of the world’s best diving resorts

Sharm is home to some of the world’s very best diving as well as being the entrance point to many liveaboard and itinerary options.  You’ll be able to explore wrecks, reefs and walls in Sharm’s underwater realm. The diving can be challenging as some of the dives do experience strong currents, making them a better choice for intermediate to advanced divers.  As a result of this, some liveaboard companies require anywhere between 30-50 logged dives as a prerequisite to join trips. However, there are also plenty of diving options for beginners in Sharm El Sheikh and diving schools to teach you how to dive from scratch.

Sharm el-Sheikh offers thirty sites to explore on day trips alone. Most of the boats are large, offer good comfort and are built especially for diving. Ras Mohamed National Park offers a number of varied and thrilling areas for those taking daily diving trips. Day trips leave to famous SS Thistlegorm, the Straits of Titan, Dahab and the SS Dunraven from Sharm El Sheikh.


The Desert – Camel rides, quad bikes and adventures galore

Let’s be honest, most people’s first idea of Egypt is the desert and the Pyramids. And while a trip to the Pyramids may be out of the question due to distance from Sharm el-Sheikh (500kms by road) you do have easy access to the Sinai. By many regarded as one of the great natural wonders of the world, this vast expanse of arid land is your ticket to adventure.

Why not hop aboard a desert safari and marvel upon the famous Mount Sinai, famous from the bible where God handed the ten commandments down to Moses. Explore the fascinating story of St Catherine’s Monastery and explore the huge canyons of the area – infamous Insta fodder.

The #1 experience in the desert for thrill seekers is certainly quad biking, where you can take to the open desert, rev your motor and scream into the nothingness for a cathartic and hair-raising adventure.


The Heat – All round sun

Whether you’re looking for winter sun or adore really hot summers then Sharm El Sheikh is the place for you. We recommend, if you do go in mid summer, to choose a hotel close to the beach with lots of pools and water slide fun. How about the five star Maritim Jolie Ville Royal Peninsula Hotel and Resort, located next to its own private beach and with a huge swimming pool, this luxurious, air conditioned resort will keep you cool in the midst of the heat. This luxury hotel is available for less than £300 per person per week.

The Al Mustafa Mosque - Spellbinding

The Al Mustafa Mosque is not simply a mesmerizingly gorgeous building but also a religious site of important cultural significance. With its large dome sandwiched between 70m tall minarets this mosque offers a fine example of traditional Arabian architecture and is intricately decorated with numerous carvings and highlights of gold that glisten under the Egyptian sun. One of the top local attractions as recommended by Tripadvisor that is located in the heart of the old city and can only be visited at night.


The food – Best restaurant scene in Egypt

This city is a food lovers paradise and the best for restaurant fine dining in the country. If you’re new to Egyptian cuisine then the best place to start is with the local kabab, kofta, reyash, tarab or nefa. The locals love their food and you’ll find street stalls and small cafes throughout the city specialising in the dishes mentioned above.

If you prefer your juices to your meat then you must try the local beverage, the Guava juice. Most hotels offer freshly squeezed Guava juice to their patrons throughout the day.


So if you’re looking for adventure on your holiday why not make your next holiday a trip to Sharm El Sheikh?

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