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Planning on jetting off sometime soon? Maybe you’re dreaming of a far-flung destination like Thailand? A sunny summer holiday to Spain? Or perhaps it’s a city break to Paris calling your name? No matter what kind of getaway you’re gearing up for, booking your flights will likely be top priority alongside your accommodation. It’s no secret that the cost of flights can vary considerably, so spending some time researching can make a big difference to ensure you end up finding flights at more purse-friendly prices – after all, travelling the world shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together 6 secrets to finding cheaper flights so you get more bang for your buck and can put those extra pounds towards enjoying yourself when you arrive!


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We know it’s not always possible, however, if you can be flexible with the dates you fly, you’ll soon save on flight fares. For a long time, it was rumoured that Tuesday was the cheapest day to fly, however, times have changed and if you’re departing from the UK, Friday is generally the more affordable day to depart – perfect if you’re planning a long weekend away! The truth is, flight prices do change all the time so giving yourself a bit of flexibility means you’ll make the most of your budget.

TTH Tips: When you’re searching for flights, bring up a month-to-view calendar so you can see the rates across a whole month and easily spot the cheapest dates to depart. 


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There’s so much world to see and explore so why not expand your horizons? As we mentioned, being flexible with your travel dates brings benefits and the same can be said for being flexible with your destination too! Flights to bucket-list favourites like New York and Dubai will often be more expensive due to demand. Consider the type of getaway you want and search for similar destinations to compare rates and get set to explore more under-the-radar gems.

TTH Tips: If you’re completely open on where to travel, try the Skyscanner ‘everywhere’ search. This allows you to input your desired dates and departure airport and then discover the cheapest places to fly based on your information.


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Just like many retailers reward customer loyalty, airlines often have reward schemes too, so if you’re a frequent flyer, signing up to airline programmes means you’ll be rewarded for your custom with things like first dibs on cheaper flights, early access to flash sales and last minute offers. Even if you’re not a globetrotter clocking up miles, signing up to airline mailing lists means you’ll be notified first of any discounts or promotions coming up.

TTH Tips: Don’t forget, it’s not only airline loyalty schemes and emails that will see you reap the rewards, follow your favourite airlines on social media too to discover their latest deals.


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Cheaper flight prices. Like many modes of transport, booking last minute often means travel fares will increase dramatically due to demand so it makes sense to plan your trip in advance and book early. Airlines typically release flights around 11 months before departure, however you don’t have to book that far in advance. Keep an eye on prices and if you are set on your dates, set up alerts or sign up to the airline for offers as many airlines will begin to lower fares if seats aren’t selling as well as expected.

TTH Tips: Remember, you don’t have to fly exclusively with one airline for your holiday, so mix and match airlines for your departing and return flights to get a better deal.


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If you’re looking for a cheap holiday, it’s worth booking your flights and hotel all in one package to unlock cheaper flight deals exclusive to your travel provider. Not only this, the beauty of booking a package holiday means you’ll sort everything out in one go saving the stress of endlessly searching for all the various elements that make up the perfect holiday.

TTH Tips: Want to splash out without paying the extra pennies? Booking an all inclusive holiday means you can have the best of both worlds, as on top of your flights and accommodation you’ll have access to hotel facilities, food and drink, daily entertainment and more – without having to whip out your wallet! 

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