Motivational Mantras for Travel Mums in Lockdown

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Motivational Mantras for
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Travel Mums in Lockdown

Motivational Mantras for Travel Mums in Lockdown


How are you doing? Itchy feet? Me too! I can’t remember the last time I spent so many days at home. As a travel blogging family we are always away on holiday or out of the house exploring our home county of Devon.  

I’m an optimist by default, but staying positive during lockdown has been a real struggle. We have had to put many 2020 travel plans on hold and achieving the simplest of tasks has felt like wading through a river of golden syrup. However, we are lucky. We are well and have everything we need at home.

Having said that, I’ve had to think carefully about the tone of my inner voice and my motivational mantras to help me get through each day. 

Travel Blogger with her kids at a beach

My Lockdown Funk

I went freelance three years ago and have worked at home as a blogger and content writer for more than five - so I’m no stranger to managing deadlines and home life. However, lockdown has added a few extra balls for me to juggle.

During the first few weeks I felt a wave of different emotions. Day one of home learning and working around the kids was a cinch. It was novel for the children, and I channelled the powers of Wonder Woman to simultaneously teach phonics to my four-year-old and times tables to my seven-year-old.

At the same time I was mentally planning the hundreds of blog posts I could write in lockdown and shrugging off emails from clients putting contracts on hold. 

It’s no surprise that by day three I was exhausted. My new ‘coworkers’ had no respect for my personal space and had a heartbreaking assortment of questions starting with ‘how long…?’, ‘why can’t I…?’ and ‘when can we…?’ Meanwhile I could see my lockdown to do list fast becoming as unachievable as my 2020 income targets.

I felt disillusioned, inadequate and like I was letting everyone down, including myself. My mental health was suffering for the first time in a long time.

Selfie of a Female Travel blogger showing the hills and beach view

Motivational Mantras That Have Lifted Me Up

Happily, I made it through the first few weeks by retraining my inner voice. Usually it’s sat on my shoulder, Jiminy Cricket-style, telling me to stop procrastinating and making excuses for putting off jobs. When you are your own boss you have to be disciplined to get things done.

Lockdown has called for a different approach. Here’s five motivational mantras that are helping me get through:


I’ve woken up in a positivity slump several times since lockdown began. The difference between the good days and the bad is being aware of my mood from the start and dealing with negative thoughts before they turn into actions. Sometimes a simple treat like an extra few minutes in the shower is all I need to hit reset.


Pre-lockdown I spent most of my days dashing between tasks. Slowing down has been a real challenge - but it’s okay. The world is not going anywhere. 

I’ve been cutting myself some slack and setting aside things that will wait. And I’ve been saying yes to bouncing on the trampoline with my kids, going for long walks and playing board games - because that’s what we need right now. I’ve even discovered a new love of collage!

Travel blogger showing her photos collage


Baby steps are very much the answer to getting through each day in lockdown. I used to set myself weekly and monthly goals. Now I’m not thinking beyond the next 24 hours. Achieving one small task each day is my target. Anything else is a bonus.


And it certainly isn’t in the middle of a global crisis. My kids regularly go doolally without really understanding why. Trying to apply ‘normal’ parenting tactics in this situation just won’t work. The ‘cuddles, screen time, play, snacks and repeat’ method is working for us.


There have been days when I’ve been close to tears - but there have been many more smiles, laughs and ‘I love you’s. And if my kids feel loved in the worst of times then I am doing a great job - end of!

Two kids running towards a garden

Since lockdown began my inner voice has changed. It understands that I can’t control a situation that is totally out of my hands, so why beat myself up about it? Now is a time for us mums - and everyone else - to be kind to ourselves, live in the moment and know that this is not forever. One day soon we will be able to leave the house. The kids will go back to school. And we will be able to travel again!

Do you have any motivational mantras that are getting you through lockdown? Let me know in the comments.

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