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Is the self-isolation mandate put in place in light of COVID-19 keeping bae at bay? The most important thing we can do is keep ourselves and others safe and healthy during this time - but, unfortunately, the love boat can still set sail despite long days in the loft together.

Even couples quarantined apart shouldn’t have to miss out on la vie en rose. Date night might not be what you’re used to, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! There are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to keep your romantic relationship riveting. 



Couples in Quarantine

Are you shacked up with your quarantine valentine or finding yourself isolating alone and effectively entering into a long distance relationship? Regardless of whether you’re living with your partner or not during the quarantine, you can still have a healthy and romantic relationship. With a few date night ideas and a positive attitude, you and your partner won’t even realise a quarantine is taking place. 


The spread of the coronavirus is alarming, to say the least. Instead of making assumptions about how your partner is feeling, openly check in with them and allow them to tell you. After all, they are an individual with their own perspective. Assuming that they feel the same way as you about things such as the quarantine mandate and the news could draw the love boat toward treacherous waters. 

You can spend time every now and then having calm discussions about the state of the world. Even if you and your partner don’t share the same opinions, it’s good to understand one another and establish a stream of open dialogue. Nothing is more romantic than actively listening to your partner and accepting what they feel without judgement. 

Mealtimes can also be a great time to check in with each other. You could even dress up, as if you were going to a restaurant, and have a fun date cooking with each other. When you finally sit down to feast, light a candle, play some music and enjoy the moment. Share stories of positive things you’ve read recently. Then, let your body language do the talking - hold eye contact to remind them that it's okay to be vulnerable. Remember that if you’re a quarantined couple, you’re also a team. You are getting through this together. 



At Home Date Night Ideas

We’ve already gone over making a meal together, but what about nights when you just don’t feel like cooking? Set up a ‘picnic’ in your living room with plenty of blankets and pillows. Gather a basket and your favorite plates while you await the knock on your door from your Deliveroo driver. After dinner, you can share ice cream and teach your partner a new card game before settling down to watch a movie.  

For those not quarantined together who are yearning to spend time with their significant other, FaceTime offers the perfect avenue for good communication. You and your partner can pick out a recipe and make it ‘together,’ while safely in your separate homes. Compare how your meals turned out over video chat. 

While you’re enjoying your meal with your partner, decide on a show you want to binge watch together. Watch it separately or through Netflix Party, and compare notes about each episode and how you think the show will turn out. This can be a great way to cultivate some common ground and build shared experiences other than being mutually isolated during the pandemic.  




Partners apart during self-isolation have a uniquely romantic opportunity. Since the coronavirus has turned into a global pandemic that is being experienced worldwide, it’s an event that will likely go down in history. What better way to document your experience during this historical moment than with love letters? 

Sending snail mail while in isolation will give you and your partner something to look forward to. You could even slip something special in with your letter, like stickers or temporary tattoos, for a bit of whimsy. Drafting beautiful pieces of post gives you a moment to settle down and focus on something creative. Have fun writing your letters, and let yourself express your emotions through ink. 

You and your partner could also take a moment to draft an endearing letter documenting your experience, whether you’re apart or together during the quarantine. Sending a letter you’ve written together to friends and family will surely put a smile on their faces. 



Remember that staying connected in your now long distance relationship doesn’t mean you have to chat every day. A daily play-by-play can begin to feel like a chore more than a meaningful sign of care. Give yourself and your partner the opportunity to miss each other. When you finally receive a letter or a bit of happy news from them via text or DM, it will be all the more significant and gratifying. 

Travelling to and from your partner’s home during the quarantine may be a no-go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with them planning your next getaway for when things are safer. Putting together your dream holiday could be an entertaining date night that offers plenty of opportunities for inspiration. 

If you’re apart, you can do this over the phone or FaceTime or create a fun quiz to help your partner decide where they’d like to go. If you’re living with your partner, decide on your next destination and dress the part. Pack a bag as if you were going to leave for a beach getaway, and challenge each other to use everything that was packed in one day.

We’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of these date night ideas in your own relationship. Leave us a comment and share your experience, or detail different date ideas that have been fun for you!



Check out our blog for more posts on how to make it through the quarantine, and be sure to share your favourites with friends and family through social media. After all, keeping connected to those you love by sharing positive stories is a great way to stay in touch without touching. 

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