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What would you take on holiday if you could pack anything? Could you ditch the gadgets for an entire trip? Is there a home comfort you have to take? Teletext Holidays asked 1000 people across Great Britain and Northern Ireland these questions and more to discover exactly what makes a perfect holiday… and the results may surprise you!

As part of Teletext Holidays’ newly-launched multi-channel campaign – ‘Pack Your Perfect Holiday’ – we went up and down the nation to discover what it takes for both millennials (aged 18-34) and baby boomers (55+) to craft the trip of a lifetime, with questions that queried which home comforts they must pack, which items they’d take if they could, where they go and what they do when they head overseas.

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woman enjoying her holiday on a pool side chair while using a tablet with a headphone

In this social media age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many more, we discovered a massive 94% of millennials surveyed could not allow themselves a ‘digital detox’ when they go away

Whether it is accessing the internet, listening to music, perfecting that obligatory holiday selfie or browsing the Teletext Holidays App, it’s little surprise the smartphone emerged as the essential item on the packing list, though many followed up by suggesting they’re also likely to take their tablet, their Kindle e-reader and music player with them too.

This is reflected regionally too, with no less than 85% of our respondents across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland revealing they just can’t leave the technology at home when they go away on holiday. 

By contrast, baby boomers told us they are far more willing to leave it all behind, with as many as a quarter revealing they are capable of getting away from it all and going gadget free on their holiday. 


what to pack for holidays illustration image with four puppies sitting together in a suitcase

We’ve all been there, trying to squeeze as much in the suitcase as possible and forcing yourself to make some tough choices when it comes to deciding what to leave behind… as such, we asked what people would pack if they could take ‘anything’ no matter how impractical it may be. 

For millennials, 25% told us they’d take their beloved pets with them if they had the choice, with another 20% insisting they would be stacking up on more shoes in their suitcase.

Baby boomers, on the other hand, would be using their ‘Mary Poppins-bag’ to pop their pillow in as the ultimate home comfort on holiday. Similarly, people in England picked their pillow over their pets, unlike Scots who would much rather sneak their pooch or cat in their bag (safely, of course!).

For those that do have room in their suitcase though, 22% of baby boomers revealed they can’t leave for the airport without first having stocked up on plenty of English Breakfast teabags, along with their slippers, while millennials were more likely to take their hairdryer with them on holiday. 

Meanwhile, northerners are apparently three times more likely than southerners to pack some traditional Heinz tomato ketchup with them when they go abroad.


couple wearing sunglasses relaxing and sunbathing in a pool

We asked our respondents to tell us what they miss when they venture on holiday and it was the familiarity of British television and being able to access the Internet easily that got millennials misty-eyed. Baby boomers, meanwhile, told us they love to experience new cultures when they are away, which may explain why as many as 32% don’t miss anything about home at all when away from it. 

Amusingly, when we asked if they missed British people when holidaying abroad, not one person surveyed claimed to do so!

Each region, meanwhile, stated their bed is the item they miss most when they go away on holiday with 35% of the Welsh and the Scots longing for it, compared with northerners (27%) and southerners (26%)


happy solo traveller woman exploring a european city with a camera on her hand

If – like us – you can’t help but be awed by some of the incredible scenery in various TV shows, you’re not alone. Millennials are 2.5 times more likely to visit locations they have seen on the box, with the beautiful sun, sea and sand of Love Island’s Mallorca in Spain and the other-worldly backdrop of Croatia’s Dubrovnik used in Game of Thrones inspiring many of our respondents.

Millennials told us, however, that they are more likely to book themselves a city break to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin or Paris than their older counterparts, who ranked the soft sands of the Canary Islands, the Balearics and the Algarve above any other holiday option.

As for activities, baby boomers are looking for a feast for their tastebuds, with a 63% ranking the opportunity to sample local cuisine as their number one ‘thing to do’ on holiday.

Similarly, ‘gastro-tourism’ appeals no matter where you are travelling from, with Northern Irish coming out top with 67% identifying discovering ‘good food’ as a holiday must, followed by the Welsh (64%), Scots (60%) and English (57%).

‘Pack Your Perfect Holiday’ is Teletext Holidays’ bold two-market TV advertising campaign, showing on your TV screens now in the UK and for the first time ever, Ireland. 

The spot aims to highlight the wealth of holidays and destinations offered by the heritage holiday firm as well as the accessible value message at the core of Teletext Holidays with lead in prices starting from £199.

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