Crete Holidays with the Kids

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Crete Holidays
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with the Kids

Crete Holidays with the Kids!


It’s that time of year again! The kids are off school and you’re already thinking that you need to get out of the house and get-away. The British summer isn’t helping either! Neither is Coronavirus. It’s been months in lockdown with the kids for many of us and with the news that we can now get away and Greece allowing holidays from the UK we can finally pack up and enjoy a week or two in the great outdoors. There are many holiday locations to choose from, but if you’re looking for a holiday to stimulate the kids imaginations we can think of no better holiday with the kids than to the Greek island of Crete.

We did the maths and weighed five criteria which matter most to families when choosing their beach holidays – sea temps, air temps, short flight times, family attractions and value for money. Crete topped the list.

Check out our Crete Holidays and you’ll find great, all-inclusive resorts available from as little as £14pppn.

A little about Crete – The biggest and the best!

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and welcomes four million holidaymakers each year. With just a four-hour flight time from the UK and average temperatures of 25C and an average sea temperature of 21C in the summer it’s a great place to have fun on the beach with the kids.

Crete has a range of ports, harbours, coves and beaches as well as a wealth of fresh, local and healthy food that’s perfect for the kids from fresh fish to Greek salads with olives and feta cheese and moussaka for a bit of evening stodge. There’s something for everyone on Crete.

And for your little princess (or prince), the pink sands of Elafonisi Beach offer hours of fun, as will the rock pools.


Learn about the Ancient Greeks!

Holidays are mostly about eating fab foods and playing on the beach but occasionally a bit of culture is in order and nowhere can you learn more about the ancient Greeks than on Crete. Kids love their horrible histories so perhaps a trip to Palace of Knossos is in order to spark their imaginations?

Knossos is a Bronze Age archaeological site in Heraklion which is Europe's oldest city. The kids can marvel at the Roman coins found on the site which have 'Knosion' or 'Knos' on one side, and an image of a Minotaur or Labyrinth on the other. These are symbols from the myth of King Minos, who reigned at Knossos. The palace was abandoned some time at the end of the late Bronze Age, c. 1380–1100 BC, for reasons which are not known. Kids can enjoy the excavation story as well as learning more about the legend of the minotaur.


If pirates are more their thing, then how about the Maritime Museum in Chania Town? It offers a great visual explanation of the island’s maritime history and some grizzly seafaring tales of yore.

For the Greta Thunburgs in your brood, a trip to the Aquaworld Aquarium & Reptile Rescue Centre is well worth the entrance fee. It features local sea life and reptiles from Crete and from all around the world. Most of the animals are rescued or are unwanted pets which have found a new home at Aquaworld. If your little ones are keen on animals but you don’t want to take them to a traditional zoo or park then this is a guilt-free way to enjoy time with the sea critters.

Of course, if you’re just looking to chill out on the golden sands then Crete offers the best of both worlds, teeming with activities for the kids as well as traditional beach-bound fun!

We recommend a hotel on the beach if you’re holidaying with kids with lots of fun activities on site – The Kiani Beach Resort in the port resort of Chania offers a beachfront location, a large pool for the bigger kids and a baby pool too. There’s a pirate ship themed playground for toddlers and a family friendly activities programme throughout the day.


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