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Top Picks


4 Top Things to do

25th April 2022
Singapore, a famous tourist destination and of the most developed countries in Asia, if not the entire world. The city-state the size of New York, located just off the southern tip of Malaysia is one of the liveliest life haul holiday destinations on the planet.

A Food Lover’s Guide

22nd April 2022
Tranquil, crystal clear, turquoise blue waters, expanses of sandy palm fringed beaches, lush green plantations, tropical jungles and almost all with a historical architecture of a colonial past, the Caribbean Islands are exceptional long haul holiday destinations that should be on all of our bucket lists.

Best October Holiday Destinations

20th April 2022
Who doesn’t love a bit of autumn sun? Here’s what we think are the best October holiday destinations for you to travel to this year, all of which would make a great late summer sun holiday for you and the whole family.

Cyprus Travel Guide

19th April 2022
Thinking of booking a cheap holiday to Cyprus this year? Good choice! Remember though that to get the best holiday experience it is always worth checking the latest travel advice to whichever country you are planning on visiting. So, almost miraculously you could say, we have put together just the ticket for your upcoming holiday to Cyprus!

5 Things You Should Know

14th April 2022
Sri Lanka is a fantastic country, and perfect for a long haul holiday of a lifetime. As with any destination you decide to visit however, it is important you know a few things before you travel just to make sure you have all the information needed to turn a good holiday into a great one!