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Stay at Home


Our Family Holiday

23rd April 2020
I’ve been spending these last few weeks reminiscing on some of our great family holidays. There are a few that stand out - seeing seals and dolphins in Shetland, sleeping in the desert with Bedouin nomads in Oman, hiding away in a log cabin in the snow-covered hills of Norway and seeing orangutans in the wilds of Borneo. One of our favourite trips was to Morocco, which is just perfect for a family holiday full of warmth, hospitality, good food and colour.
A Family Travelling to Morocco

Free Key Worker

22nd April 2020
Sometimes as parents, we just need five minutes of peace. Never has this been more the case than currently, while we are all trying to stay as sane as we can do while in lockdown with our delightful, highly energetic, and increasingly demanding small people.
A Mother helps her daughter to make paper dolls


22nd April 2020
Quarantine can get you down, and as the weather gets better, we are dreaming of picnics in the park, pints down the pub and parties on the patio.
Group of people at home playing games in quarantine time

Motivational Mantras for

20th April 2020
How are you doing? Itchy feet? Me too! I can’t remember the last time I spent so many days at home. As a travel blogging family we are always away on holiday or out of the house exploring our home county of Devon.
A Travel Blogger displaying photos to her daughter

Date Night Ideas for

20th April 2020
Lockdown is a stressful time for all of us as we adapt to a completely different situation from what we are all used to. With many of us having to adapt to working from home, educating our children at home and the restrictions imposed upon us, it can be difficult to make time for ourselves and find time to spend with our partners.
Couple cooking together at home in night