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Stay at Home


Managing My Finances

30th May 2020
It's spring 2020 and I should be travelling by train somewhere in the south of Italy, eating pasta and drinking prosecco. But in the last couple of months the world's been turned upside down because of a virus we'd never even heard of a year ago. And in these new times of coronavirus, I'm more excited getting hold of a supermarket online delivery slot than I was about booking a holiday.
A man working on his laptop

How to Encourage Your Child to

20th May 2020
Encouraging children to become independent learners helps them to discover how to learn anything they desire. The ability to actively and independently seek out knowledge is a skill we use every day. Taking the time to build an environment that engages your child and encourages them to learn and explore is one of the best things you can do for your child.
A Woman helping her son to fit a toy

5 Fun and Fabulous Indoor Activities

16th May 2020
It’s fair to say that life has looked very different than usual for the vast majority of people lately, with most of us working from home and being unable to see the friends and family we’d usually spend our free time with.
Father, Mother and Little Girl Watching TV with Pop Corn

Build Your Own Stay at Home Holiday

15th May 2020
The Easter holidays have come and gone, and COVID-19 still presents a new way of living for the world. We must continue with preventative measures and stay home to take care of ourselves and others.
Little girl pouring water into a small pool

The Trick to Emerging from

12th May 2020
While our planet is enjoying the pause, humans aren't handling the pandemic-induced lockdown quite as gracefully. Reports show isolation-induced stress and anxiety are on the rise, while physical/mental health and life satisfaction are plummeting.
Young loving couple have fun with gardening work