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Stay at Home


My Best Travel Memories - Inma

11th June 2020
While it’s been almost three months since I came back from my last adventure, and I am still unsure when I will be able to travel to far-flung destinations; I cannot complain as my heart grows fond with more great memories than I could have ever forecasted.
A Traveller enjoying on mountain with a backpack

Lockdown with Cats: How Cats Support

10th June 2020
Cats are good for our health.  A study at the University of Minnesota found that cats may reduce your chances of a heart attack by 40%. A study by Dr. June McNicholas reported that stress symptoms were lowest in cat owners, second lowest in dog owners, and highest in people without pets. The Fauna Communications Research Institute found that a cat’s purr has therapeutic healing qualities for bone growth and healing, pain relief, and many other ailments. Never have these healing qualities of cats been more important than during the current pandemic.
A Woman lying on sofa with scottish fold cat

Bringing a Baby Home

9th June 2020
Bringing a baby home is a scary time when everything is normal, but throw in a pandemic and your anxiety can go through the roof! I worked as a Midwife for 13 years and have brought three babies home myself, so I’ve written this guide for you if you’re pregnant and worried about how it’s going to be bringing your new baby home in these strange times.
A Mother with new born kid

Easy Recipes to Make

1st June 2020
With extra spare time during the coronavirus forced self-isolation, it’s good for parents to teach essential life skills to kids. Cooking and baking are fun activities that also relieve anxiety during stressful times.
Panoramic shot of mother and kid pouring milk in bowl

Five Tricks for Getting Work Done

1st June 2020
We are all in the same position at the moment: juggling working from home with the need to homeschool while still trying to make quality time for each other.
A Cute Little Girl washing fruits for her mother