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Stay at Home


Holiday Recipes

2nd November 2020
While the list of quarantine locations continues to grow and many Greek Islands holidays are now featuring on the FCO list, along with British holiday favourites Spain and France, we thought we would give you a taste of your holiday while you’re waiting for travel to open up once more with some recipes that typify their holiday regions that can be made quickly, simply and cheaply.
A couple cooking at home

Top 13 Things To Do When

16th July 2020
Autism-friendly holidays are more common than you think! For us, almost every holiday we’ve ever been on has been good for our autistic kid. Travelling with an austistic kid may sound like a hard job. However, to our family of three, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences we’ve ever had.
A guy with his son on a trip

Foreign Food Recipes

14th July 2020
Take a culinary journey with these delicious foreign food recipes you can make at home. From French onion soup to Italian pizza and Swiss fondue, there’s something for everyone.
Man making and cutting a pizza

How to Turn a Favourite

10th July 2020
What’s for dinner? A protein-packed, zesty crab and lime salsa, that's what.
Young couple having festive dinner sitting together in the modern house

Crafting With Cats: How We Made the Scratch’n’Purrch

7th July 2020
If you have cats and love to make things, we've got a supurr project for you today. We regularly share crafting posts on our blog, and you don't have to be an expert in anything to make these items. Plus we offer no-sew workarounds for those who aren't keen on sewing.
A woman is making crafts for her cat