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2021 Holidays


2021 USA Holidays

3rd November 2020
Today’s the day, it’s Election Day in the USA and tomorrow we’ll either be waking up to another four years of The Donald or a return to the democrats with Joe Biden elected as US president. These changes impact the UK and the entire world with the currency markets and stock markets poised to move in either direction tomorrow as results come in.
Mountain peak at sunset, USA

Easter 2021 Holidays

1st November 2020
Easter Sunday 2021 falls on the 4th of April next year. With the school holidays usually straddling the weeks either side, this makes a two-week sunny holiday possible between Saturday 27 March and Sunday 11 April 2021. The only question is where to go?
Family preparing eggs for easter celebrations

Family Holiday

27th October 2020
For most of us, a family holiday just didn’t happen at all in 2020. Many of us got to spend lots of extra time with the kids while the schools were closed and while we all love spending quality time together, being cooped up in the house 24/7 wasn’t it. Perhaps you got away on a particular sodden UK holiday? While it was fun to spend some time in the UK we must admit to missing those hot summer days by the pool abroad, cocktail in hand, while the kids are merrily enjoying the day with the kids club!
Parents Running Along Beach With Children On Summer Vacation

Five reasons

16th October 2020
If EVER this nation needed a holiday, it’s now! With the virus that shall not be named depriving most of us of our annual summer holiday just the very thought of booking one for summer 2021, when this virus should be behind us, is really something to look forward too. With our free amendment policy you can book that Summer 2021 holiday and should, heaven forbid, we still be living with Covid-19 in summer next year, you can move your holiday to later in the year.
A Man hiking on mountains with beautiful scenary

Florida Holidays 2021

14th July 2020
Florida is a big state with a diverse landscape and an inexhaustible list of things to do. Travelling its length would take an entire day by car and that is why most visitors tend to stick to either the East or West coast only venturing inland to visit Orlando and the theme parks. Why not explore the length and breadth of the state with a Florida Holiday to remember? We give you five fantastic Florida reasons to visit (without needing to even look at a pair of mouse ears!)
Bright Sunny day at Florida beach