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2021 Holidays


Your Handy Guide to

12th February 2021
It is of course a cliché, but there really is no place like Dubai anywhere in the world. This ultra-modern city in the desert has all the glitz and glamour you will be expecting but also caters very well for families, something that you wouldn’t expect from this Las Vegas on steroids (just without the casinos).

Barcelona’s Best

4th February 2021
Many people forget that when they take a Barcelona Holiday they’re also taking a Catalan and a Costa Brava holiday. At the very bottom of the Costa Brava, and just above the Costa Dorada, Barcelona sits “like a jewel in the sun” to quote our own Freddie Mercury.
Placa Reial in evening. Barcelona

Spotlight on Menorca

26th January 2021
Menorca holidays have something to offer everyone where the focus can be relaxing, exploring or a mixture of the two. This beautiful Balearic Island may be less well known than Majorca or Ibiza, but it’s the most sensual and relaxing of the four main islands and the one with the highest repeat booking rate, which indicates that once you go Menorca, there’s no going back!
Menorca Beach, Spain

Best All Inclusive

22nd January 2021
There’s nothing more relaxing than an all inclusive holiday! Lazily swimming up to the pool bar and ordering that fifth mojito has to be one of life’s most blissful pleasures, sipping from a comedy straw on a comedy lilo and yet feeling completely unjudged, because everyone else is doing exactly the same!
A Girl with drink at a beach


19th January 2021
We could all benefit from some serious R&R and a touch of glamour this year after the calamity that was 2020. With many of us not taking a holiday at all last year, the feeling is, it’s time to go big and make this year’s holiday count for two! If you’re among those, looking to “go big” in 2021 and bag yourself a luxurious stay in one of the world’s most beautiful and glamorous hotels then do we have the blog post for you?
Cancun beach and hotel zone panorama aerial view, Cancun