7 best podcasts for travellers

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7 best podcasts
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for travellers

7 best podcasts for travellers

Our daily commute is no doubt one of the most popular times to daydream about our next sun-kissed holiday. Peering out of the train window at grey sullen skies, driving at a snail's pace in rush hour traffic, pushing your way onto an overcrowded bus - however you travel to work, listening to a podcast makes it all the more bearable, right?

Lucky for you, we've downloaded the best podcasts for all the travel inspiration you need this 2018, so you can tune in today...


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wall mural on el raval in barcelona spain from amateur traveller

Image Credit: www.amateurtraveler.com

There’s enough content on The Amateur Traveler to keep your ears pricked for weeks, with over 500 destination-oriented podcasts by host Chris Christensen. There’s bundles of information packed into these 30-minute episodes, with local experts weighing in with travel tips. Check out the guidebook-style podcasts on destinations including the Amalfi Coast, Bordeaux in France, Barcelona in Spain, and many more.

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image from zero to travel podcast of man holding a glass of beer and looking into the beach

Image Credit: www.zerototravel.com/listen-to-podcasts

Whether it’s biking across the country or taking a few months off to see the world, Zero to Travel’s host Jason Moore has practical tips to share through his inspiring travel podcast. He takes on questions from listeners and features interviews with individuals who have inspiring travel stories to share. Check out the episode on the Top 24 World’s Cheapest Destinations 2018 and you can discover where to find the best wine in Europe, which destinations you can visit for six months on a tourist visa, and plenty more.


A few years ago, Laura Hughes gave up her apartment in Seattle as she and her boyfriend embarked on a new life in their van, or “adventuremobile”. Listen to Women On the Road, supported by the She Travels community, a unique travel podcast about living on the road full-time, featuring exciting interviews with like-minded women. Hear Alex Ulmke in A Girl and Her Van (Plus One) talking about her love affair with Alaska, plus American photographer Mikaela Hamilton, who often travels solo, among many more influencers. 


image from the world wanderers podcast of a couple sitting together

Image Credit: www.facebook.com/theworldwandererspodcast

Two travel enthusiasts and backpacking addicts, Amanda Kingsmith & Ryan Ferguson have travelled to over 40 countries and share their experiences through The World Wanderers - rated as one of the most popular podcasts. Check out their episode highlighting their top 10 favourite cities (Tokyo, Singapore and Berne are a few) besides interesting tips on travelling with kids, conscious travel and more.


image of man sitting in a stone bridge with the backdrop pf lush green forest from extra pack peanut podcast

Image Credit: www.facebook.com/ExtraPackOfPeanuts/photos

World traveller Travis Sherry shares tips and tricks on his podcast Extra Pack of Peanuts. The episodes are peppered with interviews from experts, tips on packing techniques, getting the most out of frequent flyer miles and destination advice. Check out their travel wishlist from a year gone by, including Berlin, Morocco, and Greece, plus the top 20 most beautiful places in the world, and more.

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Jump on board and let flight attendant Betty whisk you off to amazing destinations around the world, sharing hilarious airline stories (from flirtatious passengers to food fights) on her podcast Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase. Check out the episode Bioluminescence and Hot Sauce about her recent trip to Puerto Rico, The Path of Gods, which takes her hiking in Positano Italy, and plenty more interesting experiences - you'll be hooked!

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desert island disc podcast image

Image Credit: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/5qhJd1byxhTBYbSCFmw580y/desert-island-discs-podcasts

What if you were stuck on a desert island and could only carry eight records? Discover what your favourite celebrities have to say on BBC Radio’s Desert Island Discs, with host Kirsty Young. There are thousands of inspiring podcasts featuring Yoko Ono and Louis Armstrong, to name a few. Listen in as Christopher Nolan plays Hans Zimmer’s Journey to the Line, while sharing details about his film-making style. Tune in to one of the most popular travel podcasts around and be inspired to book your 2018 holiday.


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