A Bit About Me

I left my home country in 1999 for what I thought was going to be a six-month trip and I never went back. Over the past 20+ years, I’ve visited all seven continents and more than 100 countries. In 2014 I became vegan and started my blog, The Nomadic Vegan, where I uncover local vegan delicacies in the most unlikely places!

My husband Nick and I met in 2001, and since then most of our trips have been as a couple. I occasionally still travel solo, though, most recently to Brazzaville in the Republic of the Congo. My passions are learning foreign languages, exploring the globe and creating a more compassionate world.

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My Favourite Travel Pictures

Always arrive at tourist sights as soon as they open to avoid the crowds. This is especially true if you want to take photos without any people in them. It will also be a much more pleasant experience if you don’t have to fight the crowds.

The Hidden Gems I’ve Found

“Each year, my husband and I walk a different version of the Camino de Santiago.”

The top of the Alishan Mountains in Taiwan is a popular sunrise lookout, but when I hiked through the bamboo forest on the lower slopes near Fenqihu it was eerily quiet. On the island of Flores in Indonesia, I trekked to a remote village called Wae Rebo. The entire village consists of just a handful of traditional cone-shaped houses, each housing six to eight families.

Each year, my husband and I walk a different version of the Camino de Santiago, a medieval pilgrimage trail across Spain. In 2019, we walked the little-used Camino de Madrid, which took us past forgotten wonders like the Santa Maria Church in Wamba. Construction of the church began in the seventh century, and it incorporates Visigothic, Mozárabic-Romanesque and Gothic elements.

My Favourite Destinations

My Dream Destinations

Even though I’ve already been to 117 countries, there’s still so much more I want to see. Iran is definitely high on my list, along with Romania, Georgia and Armenia - but honestly, I want to go everywhere. Sometimes the places that don’t have many obvious tourist attractions are the ones I end up enjoying the most.

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