A Bit About Me

Hi I’m Susanna, aka A Modern Mother and co-founder of the BritMums community. I started blogging in 2008 and still enjoy writing about and documenting our family journeys. Come visit me over at my blog to find out more!

Blog: A Modern Mother

Twitter: @amodernmother

Facebook: @amodernmothertravels

Instagram: @amodernmother

My Favourite Travel Pictures

Marrakech was one of the most fascinating places we have visited as a family. I love visiting the Jardin Majorelle, where the buildings were stunning blue!

The Hidden Gems I’ve Found

The whole experience was educational - and yummy too!

When we visited Dubai we had a culture meal at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. The non-profit group aims to promote awareness of the local culture, customs and religion. For a modest cost you can enjoy a traditional meal in a wind tower. The whole experience was educational - and yummy too!

My Favourite Destinations

My Dream Destinations

Anywhere with lots of sunshine! Or good food.

My Articles

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