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Overall, there are three things that drive my travels: being on the beach, wine and hiking.

The first one is easily explained: I just love being warm. Living in Italy and Spain was great for that reason, and it’s safe to say that in my travels, I tend to chase the sun.

My interest in wine started 12 years ago when I lived in Italy. I started a wine course with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and got my diploma. Ever since, I have become a real wine geek and I even have a wine Instagram and blog that I update occasionally.

“I started to learn about wines from all around the world, and I wanted to visit the countries they came from!”

Finally, hiking has been a very important part of my travels. I have walked the entirety of the Camino de Santiago seven years in a row. The trail is around 900 kilometres, which takes me four to five weeks to complete.

Now that I’ve become a parent to a beautiful baby daughter, I’ve had to change my travel habits from self-indulgent wine tourism and solitary week-long hikes to family-friendly beach holidays that don’t require a lot of moving. You simply have to as a parent! My partner and I cannot wait to get a passport for the baby, so we can travel as a family.

My Favourite Travel Pictures

“I have lived in Spain and Italy and have travelled extensively through the wine regions of the United States. Now I have to adjust my holiday habits to the realities of being a parent to a beautiful baby daughter.”

The Hidden Gems I’ve Found

“Walking the Camino de Santiago is a life-changing experience.”

In my experience, the great thing about walking the Camino de Santiago is that there are so many routes to choose from. On the way, you get to see all these tiny little villages that a tourist would never think of visiting. It’s a truly authentically Spanish experience. When I’m walking the Camino, life is pretty simple: you get up, pack your backpack, follow the arrows all day and enjoy a cheap stay in the evenings. All of life’s small pleasures - like having a chat, a meal and a bed - become magnified.

My Favourite Destinations

My Dream Destinations

Once the COVID-19 travel ban is over, I’d love to take my family to Santorini and some of the other Greek islands. The white-washed buildings and blue waters really appeal to my sense of aesthetics, plus I’m a big fan of Greek food.

What’s more, I’ve never been to South America and I would love to try out my Spanish skills over there at some point. I think Argentina would be a great place to start. And finally, a newcomer on my travel bucket list is South Africa. There are some beautiful wine regions there, and Cape Town sounds like a really interesting place to visit.

All in all, I am by no means done travelling and I will continue to share my tips and experiences with Teletext Holidays’ followers on our expert travel blog.

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