A Bit About Me

I’m Rebecca, a 30-year-old mum of two from Hertfordshire. I love travelling, whether it is around the UK or abroad, and love nothing more than doing so with my family.

You can follow me on Instagram: @rebeccajlsk

My Favourite Travel Pictures

My travel tip is to not just head to the child-friendly destinations. They can learn so much from your travels - why restrict their learning simply because of their age?

The Hidden Gems I’ve Found

“In the height of summer, we had Latchi Beach all to ourselves.”

Although Latchi Beach is known as a wonderful beach to visit in Cyprus, we visited in the height of summer and it was almost deserted. It was wonderful to be able to have the beach pretty much to ourselves and to enjoy a cocktail or two in one of the many beachside bars.

My Favourite Destinations

My Dream Destinations

I’d love to visit Iceland - it is hopefully in the pipeline for 2021. My partner and I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights.

Another country I’d love to visit is Canada. My partner is part Canadian and a few friends have moved out there for work - it looks like a wonderful and beautiful country.

I know this isn’t technically a destination or just one destination but I’d love to travel on the Orient Express through different countries, all while watching the hills and the mountains passing by.

My Articles

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