A Bit About Me

I’m a lifestyle journalist and influencer specialised in all things London, travel, movies, fashion, food, books, toys, music and parenting. Life's too short to stick to just one topic!

In my crazy world, there isn’t a typical day as the work of a journalist doesn’t have a strict routine. The most glamorous work I do includes interviewing Hollywood stars or music icons at press junkets as well as going to premieres and gigs.

I created a supportive network for mums and mumpreneurs in 2006 (in the good old days) when face-to-face was very important and before the social media frenzy started, so I consider myself a ‘pre-blogger’. I am proud of receiving the support of the Mayor of London and have had it since 2011. My print magazine has been growing in popularity from 2010 and I enjoy going to events where people recognise me/the magazine.

My Favourite Travel Pictures

I have an insatiable appetite to witness the grandiose beauty of the world.

The Hidden Gems I’ve Found

“Speaking six languages certainly helps me enjoy my great escapes to the fullest.”

Little-known destinations such as Lido Adriano on the Adriatic Coast in Italy, Santa Eulalia in Ibiza and Cozumel in Mexico are among the tiny towns, palm-flecked beaches and cities that make my top hidden gems. I’m generally more interested in escaping the usual tourist traps than visiting the more well-known destinations on my holidays. Speaking six languages certainly helps me enjoy my great escapes to the fullest.

As a travel and lifestyle writer it is my job to actually find hidden gems but sometimes I feel that if I continue promoting my favourite little destinations then they might be eventually spoilt by an invasion of mainstream tourists.

My Favourite Destinations

My Dream Destinations

The Maldives, Brazil, Cuba and Mexico. I love all seaside destinations all over the world where people are as warm as their sandy beaches.

My Articles

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