A Bit About Me

Hi, my name is Dennis and I like exploring new places. When I travel, it’s inevitable that I gain a few stone - I love trying the local food and drinks on offer. I definitely used to be a party-goer, but now I’m more laidback and tend to stick to bars rather than clubs.

I like knowing that there’s a lot to do in the destinations that I visit - even if I’m on a beach holiday, I like to alternate lazy days with an excursion to get to know the local history and culture.

When I travel, it’s usually with friends or a partner. My favourite mates’ breaks have been to Dublin, Frankfurt and Berlin. When travelling with friends, we tend to go for European destinations - we’ll decide between us what kind of vibe we feel like, what our budget is and what we want to do.

“We make our final decision based on where we can get good value - usually I’ll go for a four- or five-star hotel stay at a good price.”

I’ve pretty much always worked in the travel sector and I know it inside and out now! I think it’s quite a relaxed industry and you get to work on a nice product - it’s easy to get excited about holidays!

My Favourite Travel Pictures

“I love getting to know the history and culture of the destinations I visit, but also want to come back from holiday recharged. That’s why I try to alternate between lazy days and an excursion.”

The Hidden Gems I’ve Found

“The Polish pizzas at Endzior are great for after a night out.”

As I travelled to Kraków, Poland a lot for work, I know a lot of great restaurants there! Le Scandale is a tapas restaurant with really good vibes; Nova Resto Bar is more pricey, but great for a business lunch; and Warsztat Restaurant serves great traditional Polish dishes. Another great local experience is to get takeaway from Endzior in Kazimierz, the Jewish Quarter - they serve Polish pizza (‘Zapiekanka’) on a half baguette.

My Favourite Destinations

My Dream Destinations

In terms of where I dream of visiting in the future, I’d definitely say New York and Canada... I would be tempted to stay in a log cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere and just explore the scenery. I’m going to Barcelona in September - I’m looking forward to tasting the food, and we’ll have a hotel with a rooftop pool, which is going to be epic.

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